5 Best Video Call Recorder Apps That Are Easiest to Use

WhatsApp is not the only application with a video calling option. There are many video alternatives that you may know or don't that can serve as better video calling applications. You can install these recording apps to share wonderful memories with you, your friends, or even your family.

5 Best Video Call Recorder Apps That Are Easiest to Use

This recorder app will capture your video conversations with your family back home, then later saved and become a longing medicine.

Video call recorder for WhatsApp

Although this video call recorder app remotely names WhatsApp, you or I can use it for most video call applications. The interface is simple, but the functionality offered is very effective.

In addition to recording the video calls you make, the app can also perform other tasks such as cutting videos and trimming. When registering, you can also specify the quality of the resolution.

The use of this app is not limited to video calls only. You can also use the app to record anything that appears on your screens, such as music videos, movies, and more.

The way it is used is the same when used to record the screen or record a video call. There is also a screen lock feature that is useful to protect privacy. There is also a mute and auto split video button to split the video into multiple files.

Auto Video Call Recorder For All

There are several purposes for using this app: to record conversations with certain people, such as fraudsters or other criminal threats. But, on the other hand, you can also use this app to record video calls with your family.

As the name implies, this app can record all the video calls you make automatically when it's set up in such away. So, without any more commands, the app will instantly record all your conversations.

Call recording – Cube ACR

This call recorder app is claimed to be the most technically advanced: record phone calls and VoIP. Most Android gadgets are supported. If you've tried to record a call using another app to record a call and didn't get satisfactory results, you should try the call recorder app – Cube ACR, which is capable of working with the best results.

Call Recorder – CallsBox

The function is undoubtedly to record calls, either in or out. But behind it is some complementary features that aim to make it easier for you to enjoy its main features. As such, you can set the type of contact to be recorded, whether it's contact only, a new number, or just a specific person.

Then there is also the feature to set the quality of recorded files, automatic or manual recording options, the re-player part of files that have been saved, and so on.

That's some video call recorder app that you can choose and use. Happy choosing, hopefully, get the best app that suits you.