5 cheapest Smartphones with NFC support In Kenya 2021

Many do not know what NFC is when some of us may have done transactions using smartphones. So indirectly, we are actually in contact with NFC technology.

5 cheapest Smartphones with NFC support In Kenya 2021
NFC technology in mobile

Technology that is growing is no exception technology in smartphones makes many smartphones are now equipped with various advanced features such as NFC.


Today, many smartphones use NFC electric fields that work at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. They are interconnected with the 22.11 MHz band for unique relationships because the very short NFC distance makes NFC difficult to work silently. Anyway, cutting short my Long story, here are the best NFC mobile phones In Kenya


Nokia 4.2

Being the first recommendation, this smartphone features dual rear cameras with the main camera composition of 13MP and 2MP for depth sensor lenses. Then, for the front camera, this smartphone has a resolution of up to 8 MP.

Use a waterdrop display model with a 2.5D design on the front and rear panels. In addition, this smartphone also supports 4G network, Android One Pie Edition, and of course, NFC. The phone Costs KES 15,000


Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Comes with a battery with a capacity of 5,020 mAh, this smartphone turns out to be priced relatively cheaply. It has a rear camera resolution of up to 48MP and 13MP for the front camera. The phones costs ksh 25,000

Samsung Galaxy A31

Speaking of Samsung smartphone performance, it feels like there is no doubt. In addition to having a capacity of 8GB RAM, this smartphone is also equipped with modern NFC features. Equipped with fast charging technology, this smartphone battery has a total of 5,000 mAh.The phone cost ksh 22,000

Realme 7

Claimed to have a capable performance for mid-range phones, this smartphone is priced at a reasonably affordable price. At a reasonable price, you'll get a high-resolution camera, a 5,000 mAh battery, an Helio G95 chipset powered by 8GB of RAM, and a full wireless connection. The phone costs ksh 31,000

5Oppo Reno 5

Oppo Reno 5 has a Snapdragon 765G chipset powered by 8GB of large RAM. In addition, the smartphone has a 6.43-inch screen with a 1080p OLED panel and a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. Here is the price ksh 35,000 KSH