Android 12 vs iOS 15: Who is the winner between Google and Apple?

Finally, Apple and Google have put the new versions of their operating systems on the table: Google introduced Android 12 a few days ago, and Apple did the same this week with iOS 15. Each of these systems is an improvement, greater or lesser, in many respects, so it's time to put them face to face to analyze what they offer.

Jun 13, 2021 - 10:39
Android 12 vs iOS 15: Who is the winner between Google and Apple?

While Android 12 is the most significant Android redesign to date, iOS 15 seems to be a subtle evolution focused on privacy and features. Google has bet heavily on personalization, with a system that changes the interface entirely according to the wallpaper and performance. At the same time, iOS focuses on iMessage, text recognition in photos and sound.

Both share the approach to privacy since both Android 12, and iOS 15 will come with improvements in this section. So, Android 12 will allow you to send the approximate location instead of precise, see which apps have accessed and when to the camera and microphone, and show when they do (something that was already on iOS). iOS 15, on the other hand, implements Mail Privacy Protection, App Privacy Report (a report that allows the user to know how each app treats their information) and, finally, voice recognition on-premises.

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The iPad's innovations are focused on productivity, widgets and multitasking, as well as the zero mention of Android 12 for tablets, a segment that Google seemed to have forgotten during its presentation. Finally, we address one of the pillars of any operating system: its adoption, an aspect in which, at least for now, Apple continues to lead Google.


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