Android 12's First Beta Version Released, What's New?

In 2020 there was no Google I/O event. This year, Google decided to hold its developer conference online. As always, there are many announcements about new products and innovations that Google has created. But one of the most awaited is usually the announcement about the latest version of Android.

Android 12's First Beta Version Released, What's New?

Google has just released the first beta version of Android 12. Although still far from the final word, Android 12 brings a lot of updates, especially in terms of visuals. Google doesn't even hesitate to call the changes the most significant in the history of the Android operating system.

This new look is made not only to look more expressive, but also to give a more dynamic and personal impression. One example of personalization in question is how Android 12 can change the colors of UI elements (user interface) according to the dominant color on the wallpaper that the user installs. Other Os based on Android have long offered this kind of feature, but this is new for vanilla Android.

This fresher look is an implementation of a new design language that Google dubbed Material You. In addition to software, Material You will also be used as a reference in the development of hardware design by Google.

In addition to being sweeter in the eyes, Android 12 is also claimed to be more responsive and more power efficient. Various optimizations have been implemented so that CPU usage time can be trimmed by up to 22%, while reducing the use of high-speed processor cores by up to 15%. Performance improvements are crucial if Android 12 wants to appear with more fancy-looking animations.

Also being improved are features related to user privacy and security. From trivial ones such as a small indicator in the status bar to show which apps are accessing your device's microphone or camera, to the Privacy Dashboard feature that gives you complete access and control over each app's permission settings.

Still around privacy, Android 12 also introduced a feature called Private Compute Core. It is a separate part of the operating system specifically designed to process both AI-based and machine learning functions. Private Compute Core basically ensures that features like Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply will always run locally on the device, without connecting to the network to maintain user privacy.