Best Horror Movies 2021

Whenever I want to watch a movie, I check out online movie reviews to make sure I won't be wasting my time on a boring film. I love horror and thriller movies because they keep you curious about the next scene, unlike some horrible movies genres whose ending is predictable after watching it for the first five minutes. Are you looking for a great movie but wondering, "What is a good thriller to watch from the many alternatives available on Netflix, Showmax, and other movie download sites?"

Best Horror Movies 2021

These are the best horror movies 2021 released between January and May. You can never have enough of these films. Watching them once is not enough. You will have to watch them thrice or four times before you get bored with them. Yes, you will get bored watching the same movie repeatedly after some time. Fortunately, you will have spent your time wisely rather than wasting your precious time on some sickening "adult content". These are the best horror and thriller movies 2021;

1. Seance 

Six girls from Fairfield Academy perform a ritual late in the night. They jokingly call upon the spirit of a dead former student that is believed to be haunting the school's halls. One of the girls, the one who reported the haunted encounters, dies before morning. The rest of the girls realize they bit more than they could chew. How will they save themselves from the spirit of death?

2. Spiral

Detective Zeke and his rookie partner investigate the city's past gruesome murders. Zeke is not only trapped in a mysterious murder case but also becomes the killer's target. 

3. Army of the Dead

A father is determined to rescue his daughter from a zombie-infested world. The zombies are on the loose and thirsting for human blood. 

4. New Order

The movie will get you seated at the edge of your seat will your eyes fixed on the screen from the start to the end. Unwelcome guests interrupt a high-society wedding. What happens next?

5. Riders Of Justice

Markus believes his wife died in an accident until a passenger who was on the train and two of his colleagues give him the other side of the story. The military man forms an alliance with Tech geeks to investigate his wife's death. Furthermore, he has a teenage daughter waiting for him at home.

Now that you know these are the new horror movies 2021 out now, please purpose to watch. They are the best films for a group of homies and family members who want to chill out and make good memories together. If you like any of these films, please save bored souls by advising them to take a look at them too.