Best Kenyan dancers in 2021

Who are the best Kenyan dancers? Every dance squad has four types of people. The two-left-feet-legged guy never gets any move right but demands to be on the front line on stage. You will never miss the fashionista who dresses to kill regardless of the venue. Prepare to perform under the bridge, and they will show up in Gucci from head to toe.

Best Kenyan dancers in 2021

Image source:, @ ArtTower

If your dance group lacks a DJ, something is wrong somewhere. Disband the group with immediate effect and go home. You need this person even when they send hundreds of Whats App voice notes and videos to update you about the latest music and dance moves. 

The last one is the dance master with the most flexible body and sleek moves. The dance gurus twist and turn their bodies as if they are boneless. They do so with so much ease, leaving you wondering what sins you committed that won't let your body get that flexible. 

I am the two-legged feet, and I already accepted my fate. Meanwhile, Kenyan top-rated dancers are the dance masters, and they have made it to the top single-handedly. They do not have dance groups. So, who are these dance gurus in Kenya?

1. Flirty Carlos

Image source:, @flirty_carlos

Watching Flirty Carlos inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and move that body. Furthermore, I can't have enough of his fashion taste. I still struggle with my two-left-feet moves, but my squad's yelling at me has significantly reduced. Guess why? I elevated myself to the DJ position. I now share Flirty Carlos dance videos in our WhatsApp group and demand everyone must master his moves.

The dancer features Kenyan celebrities like Machachari's Govi, YouTuber Aaliya Khan, and musician Bahati Kenya in his videos. How are we doing so far after using Carlos's videos as our guides? Oh boy! The whole squad has so much to do to get to his level. However, we are trying our best. I recommend you enrol for Flirty Carlo's dance academy if you are also experiencing challenges in dancing. Follow him on Instagram @flirty_carlos.

2. Azziad Nasenya

Image source:, @azz_iad

Our dance group is quite blessed, I must say. I have complained so much about my inability to dance better and forgot to brag about our team's Azziad. She is fire and fire and more fire! Please bear with me if I am praising her more than I should. Let's get back to the real Azziad.

Not only does Azziad Tiktoker have the flexible killer waist every girl dreams to have, but also the best dance moves. She is a natural dancer and does it for fun. However, Azziad turned her passion for dance into thousands of Kenyan shillings through TikTok. The more you watch her videos, the more she closes deal with brands for paid adverts on her Tik Tok page. Please keep watching her TikTok videos @Azz_iad.

3. Gloria Songoro

Image source:, @gloriasongoro

You have probably watched her act on Maisha Magic's Selina series competing with Selina over Nelson. If not, you have seen the damsel with comedian Eric Omondi in the Lato Milk adverts. The multi-talented actress is also a wonderful dancer.

I can't compare myself to her because I already told you guys, "my legs, they don't move." I had to deviate and remind you about the viral Gorilla glue American lady who went on Twitter crying, "my hair, it don't move." If Gloria Songoro decided to venture into modelling, she would bag thousands of USDs. They say seeing is believing, right? If the picture above is not convincing enough for you to agree with me, then rush to her Instagram page, @gloriasongoro, for more lovely pictures and dance videos of her. 

4. Quicy Icon

Image source:, @quincy_icon

The country got to know her through the Maria series' actress called Dorea Chege. Most Kenyans know Quincy Icon as Dorea Chege's ride or die best friend and family member. Citizen TV's Maria star features this dancer in her YouTube videos because her moves and unique personality lights up the videos.

Our dance squad would really use someone like her to vibe the audience before we perform. I might be the DJ, but I am not as talented as I claim. Therefore, I always find ways to get off the hook when asked to warm the stage for my squad.

In extreme situations, I sneak out of the venue when I feel they are close to trapping me. I know they will get upset; hence I always carry some packets of popcorns or drinks to calm them down. Food works magic, guys! Now, follow Quincy's Instagram page, @quincy_icon, for electrifying dance moves.

5. Aggie the dance queen

mage source:, @aggie_the_dance_queen

It would be so unfair if I close this list without introducing you to Aggie, the dance queen. The video vixen invented the famous Odi dance moves the entire African dance world is crazy about. She has featured in many prominent African singers' videos like Sauti Sol's Short n' Sweet. Aggie has been on Coke Studio Africa. She is an inspiration to many African dancers, especially in her motherland. Her Instagram page, @aggie_the_dance_queen, has more than 140k followers.

These trending Kenyan dancers have changed people's perspective pursuing dance as a source of income. Do not sit on your dancing talent. You do not have to pursue it as a career, but you can use it as a side hustle. Some of these dancers have other jobs besides dancing, but they find a way to strike a balance. For those who can't dance like me, keep showing up for practice and enjoy the moments. I will probably have two left feet for the rest of my life but will never quit dancing. For the record, I have never performed on stage. When I finally decide to do it, I will insist on being at the front line with my left feet.