Best Laptop Backpacks To Buy In Kenya For 2023

Are you looking for the best Laptop Backs in Kenya? In this article, we have clearly researched some of the finest materials that you can buy in Kenya. Keep reading to the end to find out which laptop bag suits your needs better

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Best Laptop Backpacks To Buy In Kenya For 2023
Best Laptop Backpacks To Buy In Kenya For 2023

The best laptop backpacks has enough space for you to carry to carry the computer and its accessories. It should protect them from damage or moisture, while also giving you an elegant appearance on the streets, in college, or at work.

Best laptop bag brands in Kenya

Your laptop is delicate and should be treated with care for it to last. Backpacks protect it from shocks, pressure, humidity, cold, and heat. The best backpacks for PCs or Macs are listed below based on quality, cost, and fashion:

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Asus ROG Ranger backpack

The backpack is more valuable than a shoulder bag for carrying a laptop and all its accessories when traveling. This is precisely the situation with the Asus ROG Ranger model, which is functional and robust. The ROG Ranger has many compartments and is made of water-resistant nylon.

A laptop up to 17 inches can fit inside. It offers the gadget good support because it is reinforced. The mouse, keyboard, helmet, and other items can all be stored in additional compartments portrayed as smaller-sized pockets.

It incorporates wide straps and vented cushioning on the back to ensure high comfort while being worn. This offers good ergonomics and support once on the back of its user.

It also has a detachable carabiner and an easy-access pocket on the front to grab the most valuable items in seconds. This small pocket is ideal for holding a smartphone, for example. This Asus ROG Ranger computer backpack finally has a hidden security pocket.

Case Logic VNB217 backpack

The Case Logic VNB217 computer backpack is one of the most well-liked options on the market and is made to protect computer equipment from shocks and severe weather.

Its more than 500 grams weight also makes it the perfect backpack for people who want as little bulk as possible. To protect the shoulders from heavy weight, two adjustable carrying straps and a layer of reinforced foam work together to assure comfort. It also features reinforcement in the back.

The Case Logic VNB217 is a 17-inch laptop bag containing the laptop and all its accessories. It is composed of highly tear- and water-resistant nylon. As a result, it keeps water from penetrating and quickly dries.

Its three external closures determine three storage compartments. The computer may then fit in the largest compartment. At the same time, the other two are more made to hold paperwork without crumpling it or accessories (USB keys, notebook, external battery, external hard drive, etc.).

Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack

The Osprey Farpoint 40 bag is carried as a backpack, but thanks to its shoulder strap, it may also be utilized as a soft suitcase for travel within an airplane cabin. This is a helpful feature when you wish to travel light and protect your back from a hefty, protracted load.

It is advertised as a multifunction model with compression straps to assist travelers in adhering to the airline-imposed dimensions. Strong, it shuts with two sliders that can be sealed with a padlock and are constructed of highly durable nylon.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 has a single pocket with holding straps, yet it can still save a lot of items. It, therefore, has multiple pockets to help define the space. The biggest is laptop-compatible and strengthened. For tablets and other portable electronics, a thinner one is preferable.

The remaining space is sizable and has plenty of room for extra clothing or computer supplies. Additionally, two mesh pockets on its front can store items like a bottle of water. It is also comfy because it has a ventilated back lining, two strong shoulder straps, and two support straps.

Eastpak Austin backpack

Eastpack, a renowned backpack brand, has a variety of styles suitable for carrying a computer and its accessories. The Austin design is a prime example. It can hold a 15-inch laptop while shielding it from the elements with its protected container and weighing only 480 grams. For all fans of urban backpacks, it is available in 28 distinct hues.

It is understated and discrete, comes in a wide range of colors (nearly 30 in total), and caters to all preferences while also being practical, thanks to its several storage compartments. It is durable and made to provide optimal comfort thanks to its reinforced straps and back, which are made of lined polyamide and polyester. Its 5 cm handle and zipped multipurpose side pockets always add convenience, while its main pocket's zip closure and drawstrings keep the items inside secure.

Fjallraven Kanken 17'' backpack

The Scandinavian brand, which was first focused on producing hiking backpacks, now provides valuable and comfortable laptop storage options. The Fjallraven Kanken 17-inch computer backpack was created with this in mind, and it stands out for its lightweight (less than 500 grams) and high level of resistance. Waterproof, it safeguards the items it holds by gradually expanding in the presence of humidity.

This 18-liter Fjallraven Kanken backpack is thick, compact, and made of Vinylon-F, a material renowned for its high resistance and insulating and waterproof qualities.

It contains two small, open external compartments, three zipped pockets, and a slot within the front pocket. A computer up to 17 inches can fit and be protected in the back zipped pocket because it is padded.

This Fjallraven Kanken bag comes in various colors and is available in simple form and a two-tone variant to suit every taste. This backpack is flat on the body and has padded, adjustable straps at the shoulders to prevent movement.

Coolbell backpack

The Coolbell is marketed as a budget backpack with many functions. It is primarily distinguished as a computer backpack with a lock that enables you to protect your gear while traveling. Because it cannot be opened after being mounted on the rear, it must then be removed to access its contents from the bottom. A USB connector and a cable are also present inside the backpack, allowing you to connect a Smartphone, for example, to an external battery.

The opening on the back of this Coolbell backpack promises to keep all of its contents secure. Therefore, to access its compartments, it must be removed. It has many pockets and can accommodate a 15-inch laptop and all its attachments.

Additionally, two little side pockets on the back are conveniently located for the user to store daily items like his credit card or smartphone. A third, the larger zipped pocket, can carry more minor things like a reading light or paperwork and is also located on the rear. For added comfort and support, the bra straps and back have foam reinforcement.

EverVanz backpack

The EverVanz Laptop Backpack is crafted from heavyweight canvas crafted from premium cotton, making it perfect for everyday usage. It can transport and safeguard many personal belongings, including delicate computer equipment like a camera or a laptop, with a capacity of 20 to 35 liters. Additionally, it has a drawstring clasp and a flap with two magnetic buckles for security while traveling.

The EverVanz backpack has a contemporary appearance thanks to the combination of cotton canvas and leather accents. Its padded foam shoulder straps absorb weight and offer good shoulder comfort, and its breathable canvas goes on long excursions and bears big loads.

The EverVanz model lets you transport many gears because it has numerous pockets. Small goods can fit in its side compartment, a laptop or tablet up to 15 inches can fit neatly in its main pocket, and its external pockets provide easy access to daily items like a smartphone, wallet, etc.

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