Best LG TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

This article has listed some of the finest LG TVs you can buy in Kenya for 2023. If you are searching for the best LG TVs you are in the right place. Keep reading to the end to choose better.

Dec 14, 2022 - 14:29
Jan 16, 2023 - 09:58
Best LG TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023
Best LG TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

 LG has made a noticeable strategic change in the television industry over the last few years, placing a significant wager on OLED technology to innovate and benefit from the finest technology available to the general population today.

As a supplier of OLED panels to several television makers, including Sony, Panasonic, and Phillips (via its subsidiary LG Display), LG is starting to reap the benefits of economies of scale in the manufacturing of these panels, which will undoubtedly lead to reduced pricing in the future years. The South Korean firm hasn't abandoned LCD technology in the meanwhile, and it's continuing to develop in this market with products like its NanoCell TVs and its first 8K UHD references.

But which TV should you get right now from the LG catalogue? Here are 5 models that will satisfy a range of demands and expectations.

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Let us get started 


 LG's strategy with this television, which has been renewed for a second year running, could not be more effective in lowering the admission ticket for OLED. Certain logical concessions must be made compared to competitive ranges or other OLED TVs in the manufacturer's catalogue; how they will affect you will rely mostly on your needs.


 While the LG G1 won us over last year, the LG OLED Evo G2 has significantly improved. The G1's mentioned shortcomings are a thing of the past; the picture is brighter than ever in HDR and teems with details that are forcefully precise and clear, especially regarding displaying information. 'ladder.

 Said the G2 outperforms the G in every aspect. The heatsink not only moves the light peak forward by around 15%, but the 9 Gen5 AI CPU also grows slimmer and increases its positives. Additionally, we see a noticeable improvement in factory calibration; the colourimetry is flawless as soon as you choose a movie-specific picture mode, whether it be SDR or HDR. Some people will undoubtedly see AI's capabilities as excessive, yet it is powerful for picture analysis and improvement.

 The LG OLED Evo G2 will be popular among moviegoers, gamers, and lovers of television shows and other forms of entertainment. The G2 is one of the greatest TVs on the market because of its features, operating system, user interface, Game Optimizer, and updated Gallery Design.


 The Sony A90J, the Panasonic JZ1500, and the JZ2000 remain very serious possibilities to consider. Thus the answer to the question "is the C1 the greatest OLED TV of the year?" » is no. On the other hand, the LG model unquestionably delivers the greatest price/image quality/versatility ratio among the OLED models of 2021.

Of course, the C1 wins a few extra points regarding the rendering of its video processing, its gaming area, which is still developing, and the OS and the remote control. Still, we cannot claim that the progress between the CX and the C1 is particularly clear. All of this, however, is insufficient to consider replacing your equipment. If we were to make a future purchase, we would still choose the C1 over the CX, provided we didn't mind spending a few hundred euros more and passing up the excellent present discounts on the older model.

The same observation holds if you debate between a C1 and a G1. According to our respective tests, the two references are comparable, except for a few minor differences (light peak, design, calibration when leaving the box), which may tip the scales in some people's favour but not others.

 LG 55NANO92

 OLED automatically comes to mind when we think about LG. However, the South Korean manufacturer also includes some LCD examples in its catalogue, such as the more affordable NanoCell models, which also carry over all of the know-how from the OLED market leader. The LG 55NANO92 is a suitable replacement for the Quantum Dot from Samsung.

A logical and welcome advancement in this family of NanoCells is the 55NANO92. It has many characteristics with the 65NANO90 that we evaluated, beginning with its key benefit, which is its Full LED backlighting with local dimming. By providing exceptional WCG (Wide Color Gamut) coverage, Nano Cell Color technology further sets itself apart and proves to be as compelling as Sony's Triluminos or Samsung's QLED. With HDMI 2.1, support for VRR and G-Sync, and 4K at 120Hz, it is excellent for maximizing HDR viewing. It is also a top pick for gamers.

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The South Korean business is recognized for creating and providing OLED panels for all TVs that use this self-emissive pixel technology via its subsidiary, LG Display. Despite this, LG remains a major player in the LCD industry because of their NanoCell TVs.

The decision between the two is mostly influenced by your financial situation since NanoCell TVs are offered at cheaper rates for the same diagonal. They often use technologies also present in LG OLED TVs and have strong justifications for competing with QLED TVs from Samsung and others. Choosing between two display technologies depends on your budget, but you may decide by keeping in mind that LCD panels have better brightness capacity than other display technologies. OLED screens still have a lot of impressive features to display, like infinite contrasts, brightness control that applies to all pixels rather than just some of them, reaction times that are practically "instantaneous,


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