Best Philips TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

This article has listed some of the finest Philips TVs you can buy in Kenya for 2023. If you are searching for the best Philips TVs you are in the right place. Keep reading to the end to choose better.

Dec 14, 2022 - 13:37
Jan 16, 2023 - 10:01
Best Philips TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023
Best Philips TVs To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

Philips though not common in Kenya, the manufacturer has started showcasing its top line of products in every store that you visit. Philips abandoned its television department ten years ago in favor of the TPV Technology group (TP Vision) from Hong Kong.

However, nothing has changed for the customer since the brand's strategy, name, and unique technology have all been kept. Even if the public may not be familiar with the name TPV, the Asian company is still doing well, particularly with its line of AOC monitors, but more importantly, by being one of the biggest producers of LCD panels in the world.

With references that ought to satisfy almost all budgets and criteria, we highlight what you can now anticipate from the Philips brand in 5 models.

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 Let us get started

 Philips 55PUS7906

It's good news that Philips picked Android TV rather than their Saphi home system to animate this display. Therefore, Google's ecosystem is available to provide a comprehensive and gratifying connected experience every day. However, we must draw attention to one of this television's drawbacks: its Quad Core CPU. This one can sometimes run slowly on Android TV and does not match the processing power of more costly Philips devices. The other concession is made at the panel level, where the refresh rate is limited to 60 Hz. The two HDMI 2.1-certified connections of the four available ones let you use VRR, ALLM, and eARC but not 4K at 120 Hz.

 Philips 58PUS8506

The 58PUS8506's and Philips's strengths as a manufacturer include the availability of a versatile video processor. The first thing that comes to mind is movement control, one of the P5 Perfect Picture Engine processor's strong points for quick sequences, tracking shots, and other panoramic pictures. Here, excellent processing results in a very bright picture that, although displaying lovely colors and excellent contrast, certainly lose some information in the high and low lighting. Last but not least, the move upscale is also evident in this TV's design, particularly in its middle foot, which allows the TV to be rotated to the left or right.

 Philips 48OLED806

The OLED806 series, available in diagonals up to 77 inches, has very economical pricing compared to its immediate rivals. To decrease the barrier to entry for OLED and make this technology somewhat more affordable without making significant sacrifices, we're talking about the 48-inch model here. 48-inch OLED panels, which have been on the market since 2020, are ideal for installation in a room that isn't too big and provide significant benefits for individuals who prefer watching movies in the dark.

Philips 55OLED936

 The Philips OLED936 TVs are available above the OLED806 line and are marketed as OLED+ to highlight the series' greatest features. Philips takes no chances, starting with the elegant design of its OLED + models, which have the Ambilight lighting system on four sides, and with a sound bar directly built into the foot and carries the Bowers & Wilkins logo. In actuality, we are dealing with a model unwilling to compromise on the sound, watching experience, picture, or both. The audio system has a total power of 70 W and comprises two front speakers, a center speaker, two ceiling lights, and a woofer.

 Phillips 65PML9506

The Philips Mini-LED TV is another convincing example of why LED screens should not be kept in a closet. The 65PML9506 benefits from convincing local dimming, a panel with rich contrast and colors, and video processing that meets expectations to provide a powerful and brilliant picture.

In 2021, TP-Vision chose Mini-LED, joining several other manufacturers in making this significant change that will advance LED display technology again. The concept is brilliant and should excite those who do not wish to purchase an OLED television: outfitted with a local dimming system of 1024 zones, this television achieves record brightness levels while being able to display excellent contrasts and deep blacks. However, OLED retains its advantage on this last point. With a 50 W audio system, Ambilight on all four sides, and Android TV, Philips does not ignore the sound, light, or connected experience.

Yes, the Mini-LED has many benefits that can improve daily life, starting with its peak brightness of 1500 nits, which allows for additional detail in various HDR formats for movies and video games. Some limitations of LED technology are not removed, such as obvious blooming, although to a far lower level here than on other Full LED TVs. Finally, it should be mentioned that Philips utilizes a VA panel which displays strong contrasts on this model to offer good depth with a rich and powerful picture. Gamers and movie enthusiasts can like the Philips Mini-LED TV, which claims extremely high latency performance, benefits from HDMI 2.1 with VRR as a bonus, and offers.

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A ten-year separation between Philips and its television division took place. To TPV Technology, this operation was sold for the European market. It is a Hong Kong-based business whose Dutch parent company, TP-Vision, is marketing the product line and retains the Philips license. If you are unfamiliar with TPV Technology, remember that it is also the manufacturer of AOC displays. The TPV company produces LCD panels on its production lines in China. Of course, LG Display continues to produce and provide OLED panels.

Your budget is the main determining factor in the Philips television you choose. We suggest The One range if you want to choose from among the company's greatest quality/price ratios. The catalog has enough references to provide a large selection at the entry level or mid-range. Philips OLED TVs are excellent choices if you have a little more cash to spend. Finally, Mini-LED TVs are desirable, but there are only two references and two diagonals available right now, and they are all rather expensive.


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