Best Photo Printers To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

Are you looking for the best photo printers in Kenya today? This article has researched the best photo printers available today in the Kenyan Market. Read to the end to know which model suits you best

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Jan 16, 2023 - 10:35
Best Photo Printers To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023
Best Photo Printers To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

Among the top printers of 2023, photo printers, especially those made for on-the-go printing, are unquestionably the most innovative and dynamic products on the market.

Are you looking to purchase one of these printers for yourself? These are our picks for the top picture printers.

 Fuji Instax Share SP-3

 The Fuji Instax Share SP-3, the third device in this line dedicated to mobile photography, is the first to work with the square Instax Square silver paper (62 x 62 mm). Wi-Fi is used to connect this printer to a smartphone or tablet. You must utilize the free Fuji program to accomplish this. A program that requires Android's geolocation feature to be enabled.

Once these preliminaries are finished, sharing and printing are pretty straightforward, with the perfectly acceptable print quality and, more all, a retro appearance that is currently very in vogue. But take care—this tiny pleasure with a genuine whiff of nostalgia comes at a cost. The high price of Fuji film paper, which is by no means the least costly material on the market, adds to the high cost per image. However, purchasing an excellent instant camera is still preferable to using this printer. 

Ciaat Photobee

The CIAAT PhotoBee uses thermal sublimation to produce incredibly realistic images, partly because of its large-format photos (89 x 58 mm, 310 dpi resolution), faithful rendering, and thermal sublimation technology. The PhotoBee's impressions are not affected by any specific dominants.

Its outstanding mobility on paper is aided by its small size (14.7 x 9.6 x 2.5 cm, 363 g) and claimed autonomy of 30 prints. Sadly, the results of the numerous tests indicate that this number is never achieved, and the PhotoBee appears to be a little out of breath.

You can console yourself by noting that this device's refills, which contain 12 photos (use caution while transporting them; they are fragile! ), are not the priciest on the market and that the cost per photo is effectively regulated with it.

Kodak MiniPrinter

The Kodak Mini Printer employs thermal sublimation to create images with a format quite close to the PhotoBee and a size that is once more similar to what the CIAAT printer offers.

The similarities don't stop there, as both machines share a relatively limited autonomy (stated at 20 prints here) and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, which enables an easier connection with both your computer and smartphone. The Mini Printer, on the other hand, goes a bit farther by providing an NFC connection that is exclusive to cell phones.

 Canon Selphy CP1300

 Canon provides a different experience with their Selphy CP1300 in a completely different, bulkier format (18.6 x 13.6 x 6.3 cm, 860 g). Rather than a nomadic or portable printer, we are now referring to transportable. The resulting more extensive photographs are created by the CP1300, which can produce 8.6 x 5.4 and 10 x 15 images (or even smaller). However, this model still has a battery (in addition to having a mains connection) that ensures a (stated) autonomy of 54 prints.

Canon has increased the print quality over its previous model and now provides quick printing using the thermal sublimation technique, well-adjusted color images, and a (standard) resolution of 300 dpi. The only minor drawback is that the resulting photographs' contrast suffers from blacks lacking a little depth.

You can use Wi-Fi Direct or AirPrint to send your images to this printer and the memory card reader built into the CP1300. Finally, take note of a terrific move from Canon: providing the option of glossy or satin printing without changing the paper. A proper convenience for the user!

 Canon Pixma IP7250

 Far from being transportable or portable, this Canon model is intended to be kept very shrewdly at your office. The intended application is very different in this case. This device is better suited to individuals searching for a picture printer that is close to professional quality, still manages to be minor, and has some unique features.

If this describes you, the Pixma IP7250's pell-mell Wi-Fi Direct and AirPrint connectivity, automated duplex mode (which is accurate, not always helpful in photography, and even CD/DVD/Bluray printing), could very well entice you.

On the printing side, you can count on an accurate drop (1 pl) and an exceptionally high resolution (9600 x 2400). This model is naturally equipped with separate cartridges, 5 in number. Her weaknesses? A little bit of slowness initially and a lot of noise pollution, but most importantly, the price per page rises quickly due to persistent printhead cleaning, as with Canon.

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How should you pick a photo printer?

The popularity of small photo printers

The mobile picture printer, once restricted to particular needs, is now ubiquitous. since the photo itself has undergone extensive democratization. Nowadays, many people own an SLR or a compact hybrid camera that can take attractive pictures in any lighting.

The desire to remove these photographs from the device screen is excellent, especially during birthdays, weddings, and other joyful occasions. Using such a tool, the host can give his guests keepsakes from the day or night. It can also be utilized professionally, enabling photographers to supplement their standard offerings in a small way.

 advantages and disadvantages of a small photo printer

Mobile printers can now satisfy the most enormous possible audience thanks to technological advancements in battery endurance and compactness. But not all are created equal in this regard. Before making a decision, it is crucial to consider the picture paper's weight, size, autonomy, and capacity. Of course, rendering is vital, so be before purchasing 

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