Best Printers To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023

What printer will suit your needs the best? The printer still has a special place in our homes for personal and routine printing needs and professional and more involved printing. To make a wise choice, however, it is preferable to go with a model tailored to your requirements, has the features you will use, and offers the best compromise between performance, ink cartridge cost, and print quality. See our list of the top printers right now down below.

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Best Printers To Buy In Kenya And Their Prices For 2023
Best Printers To Buy In Kenya And Prices For 2023

It is now more challenging in the era of telecommuting to surreptitiously print your weekend train tickets or scan your identity card as requested by your banker using the office photocopier.

We, therefore, hope that this buying guide will assist you in solving this issue and selecting the ideal printer for your home.

The following models are those that, in our opinion, are currently the most relevant on the market, taking into account various needs and budgets. Please note that this selection is not meant to be exhaustive.

 Several printer manufacturers, including HP, EPSON, Canon, and others, offer comparable goods in the various price ranges described in this guide

Let us get started

HP Deskjet 3760 printer

The HP Deskjet 3760 is an excellent option if you're searching for a reasonably priced, user-friendly, and flexible printer. Of course, it lacks some of the "pleasant" features found in more expensive versions and can only scan one sheet at a time, making it unable to scan huge documents.

 But even if it is positioned at the base level, this printer offers the necessities: prints that are good enough for everyday and family usage, the ability to print documents from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the companion software, a simple and quick setup, reasonably priced cartridges... 

Another benefit is that this printer's compact format makes it easy to put anywhere, even in tight locations. It will be perfect for students or those living in apartments—an excellent and affordable option for anyone looking for a hassle-free printer. 

HP Deskjet 4120e

This 4-in-1 printer's affordable ability to print, scan, photocopy, and even fax is a reasonably uncommon functionality that benefits some users and professionals. If you require this feature, this criterion alone can be the deciding factor in your choice.

 At 1200 x 1200 dpi, print quality is excellent, and 300 x 300 dpi photocopy quality is likewise respectable. As long as you're not printing pictures, that should be more than plenty for daily use, whether personal or commercial.

 With cartridges that continue to be reasonably priced and an optimum amount of ink used with each print to increase cartridge life without lowering print quality, this print quality is available for a low price.

 Canon Pixma TS6350a

The Canon Pixma TS6350a is an excellent option if print quality is your priority. For a good reason: employing five different inks ensures printing that is as true to the original model as possible. It is best suited for publishing documents because its rich black ink offers incredibly subtle shades of gray and for printing images because of its outstanding ChromaLife100 ink. 

Another significant benefit is this printer's OLED control panel, which makes it simple to switch between the many functions and customize the printer options more quickly. For even greater simplicity, the CanonPrint application enables you to manage your printer from a tablet or smartphone. 

Epson EcoTank ET-2821 printer

 With Epson's EcoTank ET-2821, you can say goodbye to ink cartridges. Instead, it includes ink bottles that simplify replenishing your printer.  According to the company, you can print up to 7,500 color pages using just one set of bottles, equivalent to using 72 ink cartridges. This explanation for this printer's slightly more aggressive purchase price illustrates how the cost per page is infinitely decreased. This model offers one of the best long-term values for the money at this price because it is most profitable over time. 

Additionally, it has all the features you would anticipate from a printer in this price range, including Wi-Fi connectivity, a helpful companion app, automated duplexing, and effective scanning and photocopying capabilities.

 HP Color Laser MFP 178nw

 The HP Color Laser MFP 178nw is a laser printer that produces printouts of unmatched quality and precision compared to inkjet printers. The photo and the texts are incredibly faithful to the original model and the last detail, making them perfect for professional use. This laser printer's benefit over other comparable models is that it is relatively small and quick. So that you can enjoy the highest print quality without taking up too much desk space or taking too long to print each page, another benefit is the cost, which is quite reasonable for such a precise model.

 Thanks to the HP Smart app, you can now remotely scan and print with your smartphone or tablet, which will help you be even more productive and efficient. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Printers

Which home printer is best?

An entry-level inkjet printer may be more than adequate if you only plan to print routine paperwork (administrative papers, letters prepared in Word, photocopies of identification cards, etc.). There is no need to place an excessively high wager on print quality at the risk of incurring hefty ink costs that must be replenished frequently. Choose a multifunction printer that offers good value in terms of both price and quality; this will be the best option for the entire family's demands.

 Which printer is ideal for the task?

Depending on your line of work, you may not require a high-end printer if you mostly print emails, letters, and written documents. It will be fascinating to examine the printing speed and features like automated duplexing, which can save significant time. If you frequently print visual or photographic papers, you should also consider the printing resolution and precision. The print quality of more expensive laser printers is believed to be more exact.

 Which printer has the most affordable ink cartridges?

The most cost-effective refillable cartridge system is one that uses ink bottles; according to Epson, the bottles shipped with their EcoTank printers can last up to three years of printing. Simple ink cartridges, in contrast, only have a lifespan of 3 to 6 months, depending on how frequently you print. Refillable ink printers have a higher initial cost, nevertheless. Try to estimate how many pages you print each day; if it's not a lot, ink cartridges should be adequate; if it's a lot, a refillable ink or toner system might be more economical.

 What good is a copier or a scanner?

Although most printers feature a scanner, not all are as advanced. It will be useless to select a model with an automatic scanner/copier if all you need to do is print (which allows the mass copying of large documents). On the other hand, if your line of work, for instance, necessitates frequent document duplication, it is preferable to pick a well-equipped printer in this area, even though you are aware that this will increase the cost of the device.

 What is the price range for a printer?

The answer to all the previous queries has one thing in common: your budget will unavoidably influence your printer selection. There are printers available for all demands and budgets thanks to the extensive selection offered by the manufacturers. Don't forget to factor in the cost of a new cartridge or additional paper!

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