Best TV Brands In Kenya in For 2023

You fear missing out on one great tv brand that you didn't consider yet. Today, we will go over all seven top brands from Panasonic, Vizio, Hisense, LG, Samsung, sony and TCL. Please keep reading to find out their Pros and Cons

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Jan 17, 2023 - 20:51
Best TV Brands In Kenya in For 2023
Best TV Brands In Kenya in For 2023

Each TV Brand has its pros and cons. They have a theme that each tv maker prioritizes certain features and functionalities that may not be important to you or may be critically important to you. Knowing the strengths of each tv maker and their focus and their r d will help you get a tv that matches your wishes so today. We'll make a list to check twice and see who's naughty and nice, as there are many brands already Populated in Our Kenyan Markets.

We all have to agree that tv shopping is so hard already with all the features and functionalities and quality control and pricing issues. I think it's more important that the shopper knows what each tv maker values and that their focus is

where is all the research going. If you see the focus and the theme for that tv maker, maybe that will match your priorities. For example, if a tv maker focuses on getting motion correct and you're sensitive to bad movements like stuttering or soap operas. Maybe knowing that alone narrows it down to one or two makers. Or if you love bright colors, you don't care if it's inaccurate. You want it multicolor. After all, your room is brilliant because you're outdoors. If you know that the tv maker focuses on getting you the brightest image possible, that narrows down your list. so today, we're going to cover all the top seven brands sold in Kenya

let's get into  it

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Sony has two pros which are motion and colour. First, with movement, sony does the best job of having the least stutter without motion artefacts like the soap opera effect. No other tv maker comes even close. Well, it's arguable that LG comes close, but even then, sony rises to the top

The Manufacturer is also known for its colour and accuracy out of the box. If you don't want to spend another dime on this tv, no calibration, no fiddling around, turn it on ready-to-go Sony TVs. now, what about their weaknesses? Sony is not known for pushing the limits of technology. They take a long time to digest and work through what they will implement on their TVs. So if you want the latest and the best technology, sony isn't the one for you because their focus is on what colour and motion their gadgets will have. The last con is their pricing, and you have to pay quite a bit to get the best out of sony. You have to push yourself close to the flagship level


Vizio is a very interesting manufacturer. They focus mainly on two pros pricing, and they want to be the best value and features for that price. They want to give you more features than anybody else. Those features could be hdr quality, more local dimming zones, more Dolby vision, and hdr 10 plus gaming features. If you were to measure tv b rand by features, Vizio wins.

The problem with Vizio is quality control. Stuffing all these features into a box, but what's the point if the features don't work? Vizio needs to focus on the pricing and implementation of its parts correctly because things like or may not work, the hdr breaks down, or the panel itself doesn't even turn on. Whether it's OLED or q-led, it doesn't matter. Vizio needs to focus on quality Control.


Hisence has come a long way; starting last year, I see Hisense's focus is very much on movie-watching quality, especially HDR. Whether the top-tier hdr or the mid tier, Hisense focuses on giving you the best movie quality experience. What are its two weaknesses, well lack of right features? If you're looking for a tv that you want to play the latest next-gen console, Most Hisense Televisions still suffers a lot. Now the other con is its motion processing. If you don't like soap opera effect, then Hisense  isn't for you because if you disable any motion processing at all, it will start to stutter


If you're talking about the creator's intent, Panasonic Brand is a reference quality because it is  the only brand that matches or exceeds the sony colour accuracy. Panasonic compares it and takes it one better. Their 2000 series OLED for the last year or two is easily the most bright and colour accurate you can buy. What's the con? The brand does not produce its television for gaming purposes but is a reference-level movie-watching tv. If you emphasize these other outside features unrelated to picture quality, you might want to look elsewhere because you're paying a lot for Panasonic TVs.


TCL is very similar to Vizio and Hisense. Their focus is the value where Vizio is in the list of features, and the value is in the image quality for hdr and movie watching. TCL wants to do a little bit of both. They have some features like Vizio that Hisense would be missing, and they have some image quality improvements and quality control that Vizio may be missing, and that's where the lies

Is TCL trying to find a balance between the outright image quality of the Hisense with some features of Vizio balanced against better quality control than the Vizio .what are the weaknesses? Well, I would love to see tcl go flagship


the other cutting-edge company of OLED TVs, now LG has two strengths, it's just one strength, it's OLED. When you think OLED, you think LG and specifically LG. LG Display supplies all the world's tv makers with their OLED panels. So LG's strength is OLED performance, and its second strength is featured, especially in gaming. It fills up its OLED TVs with features like Vizio, but unlike Vizio, they work very hard to make these features work very well

what the weaknesses of non-OLED TVs are? If you're looking at LG brand nano cell, in particular, you've just selected what is easily the worst performing non-oled on my list. if you were to compare prices right, the LG nano cell is probably the worst performing non-OLED tv you can buy, and that's part of the problem LG


wow, what a monster this is. We're talking about the largest volume seller in the world, the most profitable tv maker in the world, 's slick marketing. It's the most expensive tv you can get that's not an OLED. Samsung knows how to send the message to everyone that hey if you choose a Samsung TV you're choosing the best but is that true so let's go over their pros and cons.

Here is the confusion with Samsung they're not raw at the highest level, and we're talking about the q900 ts8k tv or the q90t 4k tv from Samsung or the q950 ts right the other flagship 8k tv. These three TVs, indeed, are one of the best non-OLED performing TVs that money can buy. h9g comes very close to exceeding the q90t but falls short in a few other areas, whereas in the 900ts 950ts 90t, there is no other non-OLED tv that comes close, but you're paying for that. This is not a  good deal because this is what Samsung does well. It takes the strengths of the reputation of its q90t 900ts 950ts, and then it gives that halo effect to everything below it. Its power is really in the flagship

if you're not considering a Samsung flagship, then you're not buying a Samsung because everything that's not a flagship, we're talking 90t 900 ts 950 is otherwise known as the Ksh 50,000 on a 65-inch size if you're considering anything less than around Ksh 50,000 for a Samsung you're selling yourself short, and the other tv models and tv makers will do a better job

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