Comparison of the  Best 55 inch  TVs in Kenya: price considered

TVs have come a long way of development over the past ten years and have almost lost their original purpose - watching TV programs. Now online cinemas, Netflix, Youtube have come to the fore. The size of the screens is also constantly growing, today the best choice for the house is 55 inches, smaller sizes already seem too small for the living room, and TVs of large diagonals are still disproportionately expensive. We've picked up the best 55-inch TVs to make it easier for you to choose.

Comparison of the  Best 55 inch  TVs in Kenya: price considered
Best Television Set Kenya

Sony KD-55XH8096

Mid-price model Sony KD-55XH8096 is equipped with a 4K screen, which will allow you to enjoy the image without worrying about viewing angles. A feature of this model is the reverse backlight, which gives uniform illumination of the matrix without lights, but in contrast to this, the thickness of the TV has suffered slightly.

Samsung QE55QN90A

Samsung's flagship TV is in a diagonal of 55". Equipped with Neo QLED screen with Mini LED backlight and an impressive peak brightness of 2000 cd/m². In a room with bright lighting, you will immediately feel the difference with other TVs. Also available is audio system format 4.2 and all possible technologies that Samsung is able to present in the TV.

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LG OLED55CX is a premium OLED TV from a South Korean manufacturer. As expected, it is endowed with excellent characteristics: 4K resolution, color depth full 10 bits, frequency 120 Hz. A great choice if you need an OLED TV for the Playstation 5 or the new Xbox.

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Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55"

No one is indifferent to Xiaomi, for better or worse, but the devices of this manufacturer never go unnoticed. Was no exception and TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55". Thanks to balanced characteristics, proven firmware on Android TV, and low price, the TV has become very popular.

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A variant of the TV using quantum dot technology from LG, model 55NANO86. Thanks to the high-quality matrix with a frequency of 120 Hz, it is perfect for watching movies and for gaming on next-generation consoles, which can be connected using existing HDMI 2.1 ports.

Samsung UE55TU8500

Mid-range model from Samsung. VA screen with advanced Dual Led backlight technology with LEDs of different color temperatures, 4K resolution, a powerful processor for video processing, and backlight control. There is also a game mode with a reduced response time.

Philips 55OLED805 

There is a special category of TVs - they are equipped with Ambilight background lighting, visually expanding the boundaries of the screen. This technology is used by one manufacturer and Philips 55OLED805 is a bright representative of its class in every sense. In addition to customizable backlighting, the model is distinguished by an OLED matrix and excellent image processing algorithms. A good choice if the quality of the picture is in the first place.

Samsung The Frame QE55LS03T

Samsung QE55LS03T is a designer TV made in the style of a picture, the "canvas" of which is an excellent QLED display. This is not only a means of viewing TV series but also an interior solution, a feature of the model is interchangeable overlays-frames of the case, which can be selected for the style of your living room. The design is also played out in the software, paintings by famous artists can be displayed on the screen.


A large TV for little money is a short but capacious description of the MODEL KIVI 55U600KD. The device, though not expensive, but equipped with a matrix with 4K resolution, which has a good brightness. SmartTV, wireless Internet connection - everything you need for a comfortable

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