Complete List Of All 55 African Countries Zip and Dialing Codes

Calling internationally to or from Africa? Check out our extensive list of dialing codes for all 55 African countries for smooth communication.

Sep 27, 2023 - 16:20
 Complete List Of All 55 African Countries Zip and Dialing Codes
 Complete List Of All 55 African Countries Zip and Dialing Codes

Are you planning to make an international call to an African country or perhaps expecting a call from an unknown African number? Understanding the dialing codes for African countries is essential. This article provides a complete list of dialing codes for all 55 African countries, ensuring you can easily connect with friends, family, or business associates across this diverse continent.

Before we delve into the list of dialing codes, let's clarify the purpose of these codes. Dialing codes are a crucial component of the international calling process. They help identify the geographic location of a phone number and distinguish the country where a phone number is situated or from which a person is making a call.

List of Dialing Codes for African Countries

Now, let's explore the dialing codes for all 55 African countries. Remember to use the correct dialing code to ensure your call reaches its intended destination.

1. Algeria: +213

Algeria uses the dialing code +213. When making international calls, you should use the format +213-xxxx-xxxx-xx.

2. Angola: +244

Angola's dialing code is +244, with telephone numbers consisting of nine long digits. The international calling format is +244-xxx-xxx-xxx.

3. Benin: +229

Benin's country code is +229, and its international call prefix is 00. Dial international calls in the format +229-yyxx-xxxx.

4. Botswana: +267

Botswana's dialing code is +267. When calling internationally, you can use the format +267-xx-xxxxx or +267-xxx-xxxxx.

5. Burundi: +257

Burundi's dialing code is +257. To make a call from outside Burundi, dial the format +257-yy-yy-xxxx.

6. Burkina Faso: +226

Burkina Faso's phone numbers have eight digits, and its dialing code is +226. The international calling format is +226-xx-xx-xx-xx.

7. Cameroon: +237

Although Cameroon has changed its telephone codes, its dialing code remains +237.

8. Cape Verde: +238

Cape Verde uses the dialing code +238. Phone numbers in Cape Verde are seven digits long, with the international calling format as +238-xxx-xxxx.

9. Central African Republic: +236

The dialing code for the Central African Republic is +236. To make an international call, use the format +236-xxxx-xxxx.

10Chad: +235

International calls to Chad must start with code +235. The country's phone numbers are eight digits long, and the format is +235-yy-yy-xx-xx.

And the list goes on, covering all 55 African countries with their respective dialing codes.

Complete List Of All 55 African Countries Zip and Dialing Codes

  1. Algeria +213
  2. Angola +244
  3. Benin +229
  4. Botswana +267
  5. Burundi +257
  6. Burkina Faso +226
  7. Cameroon +237
  8. Cape Verde +238
  9. Central African Republic +236
  10. Chad +235
  11. Comoros +269
  12. Cote d'Ivoire +225
  13. DR Congo +243
  14. Djibouti +253
  15. Egypt +20
  16. Equatorial Guinea +240
  17. Eritrea +291-1
  18. Ethiopia +251
  19. Gabon +241
  20. Gambia +220
  21. Ghana +233
  22. Guinea +224
  23. Guinea-Bissau +245
  24. Kenya +254
  25. Lesotho +266
  26. Liberia +231
  27. Libya +218
  28. Madagascar +261
  29. Malawi +265
  30. Mali +223
  31. Mauritania +222
  32. Mauritius +230
  33. Morocco +212
  34. Mozambique +258
  35. Namibia +264
  36. Niger +227
  37. Nigeria +234
  38. Republic of the Congo +242
  39. Réunion +262
  40. Rwanda +250
  41. São Tomé and Principe +239
  42. Senegal +221
  43. Seychelles +248
  44. Sierra Leone +232
  45. Somalia +252
  46. South Africa +27
  47. South Sudan +211
  48. Sudan +249
  49. Swaziland +268
  50. Tanzania +255
  51. Togo +228
  52. Tunisia +216
  53. Uganda +256
  54. Zambia +260
  55. Zimbabwe +263


Access to the correct dialing codes for African countries is crucial for hassle-free international communication. Whether making a personal call or conducting business across Africa, understanding these codes ensures your calls reach their destination. Stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues across the diverse and vibrant African continent using the provided dialing codes. Happy calling!

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