Daniel Arap Moi Family: Moi Sons, Daughters, And Wif

Learn about the love story between Daniel Arap Moi and Lena Moi, as well as their eight children and Moi's siblings

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Daniel Arap Moi Family: Moi Sons, Daughters, And Wif
Daniel Arap Moi Family: Moi Sons, Daughters, And Wifes

Influential leaders mark Kenya's political history; one prominent figure who left an indelible mark is Daniel Arap Moi. While his political career and impact on the nation are well-documented, much intrigue surrounds his personal life, particularly his family. In this article, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Daniel Arap Moi's family, exploring his relationship with his wife, Lena Moi, and introducing you to his children and siblings.

Daniel Arap Moi

Before delving into the exquisiteness of his family life, it's essential to understand the background of this towering Kenyan figure. Daniel Arap Moi, born into humble beginnings, transitioned from a herds-boy to a teacher and eventually ascended to the highest office in the land. During his presidency, he championed the causes of peace, love, and unity in Kenya. However, despite his public image, his family remained relatively enigmatic.

Lena Moi: The Mysterious First Lady

Daniel Moi's personal life was characterized by a fascinating love story with Lena Moi, born Helena Bomett. Lena hailed from the respected Paul Bomett family, known for their pioneer Christian beliefs in Eldama Ravine. Moi's connection with Lena's family began during his school days when he stayed with them during holidays due to his orphaned status. Their relationship blossomed during their teaching careers, culminating in marriage at the AIC mission in Eldama Ravine. However, their union faced challenges over time, leading to a separation in 1974 and eventual divorce in 1979. Lena Moi passed away in 2004, having lived independently since the divorce.

Moi's Children

The union of Daniel and Lena bore eight children: Jennifer, Jonathan, Raymond, Philip, John Mark, Doris, June, and Gideon.

  • Jennifer Chemutai Kositany stands as the eldest, born in 1953. A private individual by nature, she sought her education in Kenya and the United States abroad. Jennifer's life took a tragic turn with the passing of her husband, Stephen Kositany, in an accident.
  • Jonathan Toroitich, the eldest son, chose his mother over his father during their separation, which distanced him from Moi. Sadly, he departed in April 2019 after a prolonged battle with cancer.
  • Born in 1958, John Mark remains the most elusive among the siblings. Opting to study abroad, he later returned without completing his education.
  • Raymond Moi embarked on a political journey, following in his father's footsteps, and currently serves as the MP for Rongai.
  • Philip and Doris, the twins, took divergent paths. While Philip had a stint in the army before transitioning to polo, Doris maintained a low profile, involving herself in educational initiatives.
  • Gideon Moi, the youngest son, arguably outshines his siblings in popularity. Considered Moi's heir apparent, Gideon is a formidable political figure, currently heading KANU and serving as Baringo County's senator.
  • June, the youngest and adopted daughter, showcases her prowess in business rather than politics. Educated in Kenya and Canada, her choice to engage in business has proven successful.

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Daniel Arap Moi's Siblings

While much is known about Moi's political career, less information about his parents and siblings is available. His father, Kimoi Arap Chebii, passed away when Moi was just four years old. Limited details are available about his mother, Kabon. Moi did have an elder brother, William Tuitoek Moi, who played a pivotal role in shaping his life, even converting him to Christianity before he died in 1995.

How Daniel Arap Moi's Family Shaped His Political Career

Moi's political career was shaped by many factors, including his family background. First, his family background gave him a strong sense of identity. He was proud of his Kalenjin heritage and often spoke about the importance of culture and tradition. Moi's Kalenjin identity played a role in his political rhetoric and policies. Second, Moi's family instilled in him the importance of education. Moi was the first person in his family to attend high school. He went on to become a teacher and then a politician. Moi's emphasis on education was evident in his policies as president. He increased funding for education and made it compulsory for all children to attend primary school. Third, Moi's family allowed him to network with influential people. His father's friendship with Kenyatta helped Moi to get his foot in the door of politics. Moi also used his family connections to build a solid political base in his home region of Baringo.


Daniel Arap Moi and his family have left a lasting imprint in the tapestry of Kenya's history. While his political legacy endures, his personal life is equally captivating. The Moi family's journey is one of challenges, triumphs, and a commitment to public service. As the torch of leadership continues to burn, with figures like Gideon Moi leading the way, Moi remains etched in the annals of Kenyan politics, promising a legacy that transcends generations.

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