Eight things you can  buy with Bitcoin, and you had no idea

Since the birth of Bitcoin, the rest of the cryptocurrencies and everyone around them, this form of electronic currency has evolved to be a current issue practically every day. Although the best known are Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, other cryptocurrencies can see how their value increases or decreases.

Eight things you can  buy with Bitcoin, and you had no idea

Such is the excellent ground that cryptocurrencies have created that many companies and establishments allow you to buy their items with this electronic money. Here are some examples of products that can be purchased by paying for cryptocurrencies:



Websites like Expedia or Cheap Air allow online payment for your trips through cryptocurrencies. Both portals indicate the terms and conditions of payment with cryptocurrencies so that there is no confusion


Football players

In January of this year, history was made in Spanish football after the Segunda División B team DUX Internacional de Madrid signed the player David Barral with cryptocurrencies, the first transfer in the history of this sport is made with this payment method.


This could be a new form of business in football, as transfers in this sport are generally very expensive, reaching astronomical figures.


Team loyalty tokens

Many football teams have their cryptocurrency and can buy them as a method of loyalty with the club. Groups such as Barcelona, PSG, Roma, Juventus, Atletico Madrid or Milan have this digital asset system.


Owning these tokens gives advantages to fans who own them, such as participating in some decisions of the club or access discounts and promotions.


fast food

Many fast food restaurants accept payment with cryptocurrencies to eat in their restaurants. One of them, for example, is Subway. Many locals in the United States agree to pay with this currency.



BMW allows you to buy your vehicles using Bitcoins in the UK, although by going to a third-party site.


Until recently, Tesla also accepted payment with Bitcoin for their vehicles, but recently Elon Musk announced they stopped taking this method as payment.


University degrees

In 2014, King's College of New York accepted Bitcoin as a payment method for tuition. From there, other schools have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment.


But you don't need to use your digital wallet to make the payment. Many students and their families invest in Bitcoin and then charge when it's time to start paying. The disadvantage of this is that there is a risk that the value of cryptocurrencies will fall while the value of tuition will increase.


Works of art

Verisart has created a platform that makes it easy for artists to accept Bitcoin, so artists may be willing to set it up for their purchases. There is also a long list of art galleries in the United States that accept Bitcoin as payment for art.


Go to the movies

Movie Tickets is one of the most prominent merchants to adopt cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can buy tickets to about 900 theatres in the United States. You can enter your zip code through the site and watch the movies and cinemas available in your area. The theatres that accept tickets purchased through Movie Tickets are Regal Cinemas, which has different locations in the United States.