Flaqo Raz pictures that will excite you

Flaqo Raz, also known as Mama Otis, is Kenya's top comedian. He became famous during the 2020 COVID 19 lockdown season when he started posting videos of Mama Otis and her family's craziness. Flaqo 411's exceptional video and photo editing skills spice up his comedy.

Flaqo Raz pictures that will excite you

Image Source: Facebook.com @Flaqo411

Did you know that Flaqo Raz real name is Munyao Francis? The comedian plays four major characters in his comedy skits. Kenyans, however, love Mama Otis more than his other roles because it reminds them about the tough upbringing mothers used way back between the 1960s and 1990s. While the millennial generation frowns upon Mama Otis' disciplinary tactics, the older generations marvels and applauds her. Watch Mama Otis in action on the Flaqo Raz YouTube channel. Here are 5 Flaqo pictures his fans love to see:

1. Mama Otis' family

Image Source: Instagram.com @Flaqo 411

Starting from the left is Uncle Bakari carrying a painting brush and a can of paint. He is Baba Otis' brother, and Mama Otis often makes fun of his alcoholism. Baba Otis is sitting on a couch. His wife is standing behind the couch, while his children, Otis and Akoth, are standing beside the couch.

Baba Otis is as strict and as conservative as his wife. However, he is calm and composed while disciplining their mischievous children, unlike the aggressive Mama Otis. Surprisingly, Mama Otis is only aggressive towards Otis. She loves Akoth so much that she wouldn't dare raise her voice or hands on her.

Uncle Bakari, Otis and Akoth are great dancers. Baba Otis is the most intelligent member of the family. He always protects his wife from embarrassment since she is the dumbest person in her family. Mama Otis never accepts defeat when arguing with someone who is smarter than her.

2. Flaqo's celebrity friends

Image Source: Instagram.com @Flaqo 411

The comedian is friends with fellow social media influencers. In the picture above, the gentleman wearing black trouser, a yellow shirt and matching shoes is the all-time funny Crazy Kennar. The young lady sitting between Kennar and Flaqo is Cartoon comedian. Kennar and Cartoon comedian are also doing well in the comedy industry.

3. Veteran Kenyan musicians acknowledge Flaqo's talent

Image Source: Facebook.com @FWahuKagwiMathenge

On 11th May 2021, singer Wahu Kagwi posted this image on her Facebook account and captioned;

 "Finally got to meet Flaqo!!! I'm such a huge fan!"

Wahu and her spouse, Nameless, have been making music for more than 20 years. She was delighted to meet the one and only Flaqo. He managed to make the Kenyan internet space go frenzy within months. A foreigner would have thought the comedian has been in the industry for years.

Flaqo gengetone songs

The comedian has released several songs. The multi-talented artist is blessed with a heart-soothing voice and powerful vocals. Here is one of Flaqo song with Madini Classic and Jimmy Cornrows:

Flaqo Raz brought a revolution to the Kenyan comedy industry. Kenyans were used to standup comedy like NTV's Churchill Show and comedy shows like Citizen TV's Machachari. He made fellow citizens understand that online comedy pays, it can be a full-time career, and video editing is an added advantage. 

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