How to clean your smartphone or tablet?

We take our smartphone dozens of times a day, so it is not abnormal that it gets dirty very quickly. So it must be cleaned regularly, but not in any way.

How to clean your smartphone or tablet?

Cleaning your smartphone or tablet, especially the screen on which you constantly put your fingers, becomes essential to maintaining a good experience. Between dust and fingerprints, we often find it challenging to get by. And with the Covid-19 predicament, many users want to go even further by sanitizing their Smartphones, actual nest with microbes, and potentially viruses.

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But like all electronic devices, smartphones and tablets are fragile, and it is necessary to respect several precautions not to damage the slab or the components of its device. Here are our tips.


The material you need

Two microfiber cloths

Cleaning liquid, to buy or make yourself.



Unique cleaning wipes touch screen (more convenient and faster, but also more expensive).


What to avoid to do to clean your smartphone or tablet

The first reflex might be to clean a smartphone or tablet screen with a product for windows. That's a mistake. Household cleaning products can damage the protective layer on the tile as well as the various filters present. Therefore, ban detergents, solvents, and other solutions based on alcohol or ammonia. Wipes to clean glasses are also to be avoided, as is hydroalcoholic gel.

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Also, avoid getting your device wet by dousing or dipping it in water. A setpoint that applies even to smartphones certified waterproof IP67 or IP68. Water can still damage them and is not necessarily very effective alone.


Clean smartphone


Do not apply a cleaning product directly to the device but to a cloth or cloth to prevent the product from entering the ports and gaps, which can cause oxidation and damage. Do not use toilet paper, handkerchief, or so plain.


How to clean your smartphone or tablet

Follow the steps below to clean your device thoroughly.


Turn off the smartphone or tablet

First of all, it is better to turn off your device before cleaning. This one should not be charging either. Generally speaking, it should not be hot. Please wait until it cools down before launching.


Remove dust and clean fingerprints

It is advisable to use a microfiber cloth for fingerprints and dust, which is clean and soft. Otherwise, a clean fabric can do the trick. The glasses cloth is, for example, a solution. You must have two cloths: one on which the cleaning product is sprayed and another kept dry to dry the device during a second passage.

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Disinfect and remove stubborn stains

To disinfect the smartphone or tablet or eliminate a resistant strain, it is possible to use a cleaning spray. Make sure it is designed for this purpose and as indicated above, spray it on the cloth and not the device directly. Another alternative is touch screen disinfectant wipes. Convenient and fast, but this means a higher budget in the long run. You can make your cleaning liquid by mixing alcohol and water (between 50% -50% and 40%-60% in favor of water).


Clean smartphone


In addition to the display, be especially careful when passing near the ports (USB, 3.5 mm jack), buttons, and photosensors. Please wait until your device is completely dry before turning it on again.


And you, what solution do you use to clean your smartphone? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.