How to Enable Face Sensor on Xiaomi Redmi 9

Redmi 9 has several security features, patterns, fingerprint sensor, authentication using external devices and finally, a face sensor.

How to Enable Face Sensor on Xiaomi Redmi 9

Activating the facial sensor feature in Redmi 9 is pretty easy, not too much different from other intelligent devices, especially with other Redmi models. Also read: How to Activate Fingerprint Sensor and Face Unlock in Realme 5.


Now, let's try it.


Open the Settings menu, then scroll and find the Passwords &Security menu.

There will be several security feature options that can be activated. Because you want to start the face sensor, tap the Face unlock option.

Before you start saving face data, you may be asked to create a pattern that will become a master key if something happens. Once the design is created, you will be prompted to bring your Face closer to the front of your device's camera. Then, tap Next to start recording data.

If successful, a message like this will appear on the screen. Now, tap Done.

You will then be sent to the face sensor's unique settings panel. First, check the Unlock using the face data option.

Done, you have just successfully activated the face scanner sensor feature in Redmi 9.