How to Restore a Hacked Instagram Account and How to Prevent It

A significant number of Instagram users turned out to open a gap for irresponsible parties popping up, which we are familiar with the term hacker. No wonder nowadays, many people are looking for ways to restore hacked Instagram accounts and prevent hacking.

How to Restore a Hacked Instagram Account and How to Prevent It

For that, you need to learn how to prevent and recover your Instagram account from scratch. Then, what if an irresponsible person has hacked your Instagram account? Here are some steps you can also take to restore a hacked account:

The First Way

The first way you can do this is to get your Instagram account back by reporting it to Instagram.

Access page

Select privacy &safety menu – Report Something – Hacked Account – I Think my account has been hacked – Report it to us.

Through the Account Impersonation menu

If the hack level has exceeded the standard limit, you can select the Account Impersonation menu. Usually, there will be a form that you need to fill out from Instagram. The steps you can take are the same as the first one, only that you this time have to select the Account Impersonation menu to report that the account you own was taken over by someone else.

After reporting, you will temporarily lose your Instagram account

After registering, Instagram will temporarily delete your account. But you don't have to worry. It's a step on Instagram to make sure that there is indeed a break-in of your account. Then, when you can't find your account name, don't try to sign up again on Instagram using the same account name.

Because it can even make Instagram confused and think as if you are the perpetrator of your own Instagram hack.

Always check your email

.Instagram will provide instructions via email, such as writing the account name and full name and secret code on white paper and photographing faces and white pieces together to verify that the account is genuine.

Well, here are some tips on keeping your Instagram account from hackers:

The first thing you have to do to keep your account secure is to change your Instagram account from public to private. You can do this by snapping on the profile page – swipe left – select Settings – click "Privacy and Security" – select "Account Privacy" – enable "Private Account" select on.

Furthermore, after enabling private mode, you can also use the "two-factor authentication" method to provide double security to your account. This two-factor authentication allows you to secure your Instagram account via text messages such as SMS.

How to choose settings – "Privacy and Security" – click "Two-Factor Authentication" – "Get Started" – select "Text Message" so you don't have to download another authentication app – then enter your mobile number. This way, you can see if someone is trying to log into your Instagram account.

Then, the next step that is no less important that you should also pay attention to is the difficulty in creating an Instagram password. The more complex the Instagram password you make, the less risk your Instagram account will be hacked. Select the settings menu – click "Security or Security" – select "Password."

In addition to the three ways above, there are a few other essential things that you should also pay attention to. One of them is by logging out after logging into your Instagram account on a device that doesn't belong to you. The goal is to make your account not easily accessible to others.

Also, when you log in on another device that doesn't belong to you, never select the save email and password menu offered when you first log in through another device.

Then, avoid using an Instagram account login through the obscure website because it can steal all your data.

In the ways described above, the chances of hackers breaking into access into your Instagram account are very small. So, an Instagram account is much safer because you've been making prevention efforts since the beginning.