How To Video Call Using Instagram

Instagram can be an alternative to making video calls or video calls if other apps are experiencing interference. Doing video calls on Instagram million actually does not require special steps, other than on the join system alone which is a little different.

How To Video Call Using Instagram

f on WhatsApp and a number of other apps you don't need to give consent, on Instagram only those who agree can receive video calls. Especially if both users have not followed each other.

Let's try it right away.

  1. Step Make Video Call with Instagram
  2. Run the Instagram app as usual, then open Direct Message or slide left from the home menu. Or, find the user you want to call, then tap send message or DM.
  3. Once the DM window opens, now tap the video icon in the top right to start the video call.
  4. The recipient must first approve your call, then join to speak to each other.
  5. Once the two are connected, you can talk to each other as if you're facing each other.

Features in Instagram Video Call

There are several features that you can find when making video calls on Instagram.

  • Turn off the camera and audio
  • Change the front or back camera
  • Add funny effects
  • Send a photo or video while still chatting
  • Finally, add others to the conversation.

Quite varied and the quality of sound or video on Instagram is also fairly good. This could be an alternative to interacting with relatives when other applications are in trouble.