InPod 3 Review: A more developed but locked formula

On the article: a procedure that modifies a little while utilizing the benefits added over time in the initial version.

Nov 25, 2022 - 11:17
Jan 16, 2023 - 14:23
InPod 3 Review: A more developed but locked formula
InPod 3 Review: A more developed but locked formula

Without context, the InPod 3 must be the well-known noise-canceling headphones on the market at a much cheaper Cost. In the past, I have managed to play with several earbuds, including the Oraimo Oraimo I12AP headphones but one thing that I should have to say the InPod 3 earbuds are built differently.

The earbuds highlight two new features: a notch for a wrist strap and holes that camouflage a loudspeaker (points to which we will return). The formula is proven, with a short stem design and a semi-intra low bulk architecture, without a cannula.

 On the very good side, the InPod 3  has fairly prodigious comfort once in your ears. In fact, the comfort remains in what is best on the market. The InPod 3 are light, not very intrusive, and the hold is good in classic use. Of course, nothing is ever perfect, and a segment of the population, admittedly small, is always at risk of having problems, XS tip or not, because of the slightly oval side of the headphones. Likewise, sports use, although possible, is not optimal. For our part, the lack of a robust retention system meant that one of the headphones would regularly come off.

The other advantage of the set is its compactness. Besides the headphones, the charging box is one of the most compacts on the market. If the comfort is almost perfect, the construction, undoubtedly serious, retains the philosophy of the InPod range more mainstream than premium. The light blue plastic is quite dense, and the charging box is flawless at critical points such as the hinge, but the whole thing, shiny for the first few days, quickly gets dirty and extremely revealing the slightest micro-scratches.

There is also the  IPX4 certification, which is a standard no matter the price range. We can also note that the IPX4 concerns the case, which is not so common.

The InPod 3 use this principle:

  • One pinch: play/pause;
  • Two pinches: next track;
  • Three pinches: previous track/beginning of the track;
  • Long pinch: change noise reduction mode or call Google assistant (after setting).

 Finally, a sweep on the front of the stem adds the ability to increase or decrease the volume to this. We won't declare a revolution, far from it, but it allows full navigation, especially given how precise the touch zone is. However, due to their positioning and small size, it is vital to move slowly when dealing with the latter.

Naturally, the Android environment is not that perfect as you have limited capabilities to access all the options and extras for these earphones. This is still reasonable and allowable in many situations, such as when using internal technology or certain advanced settings. On the hand, it is annoying, if not downright insane, that there isn't at least one official utility available for Android, even for simple settings like showing battery life. To access all the features of the headphone you will have to manually fine-tune it using your hands.

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