Instagram and Facebook: Disable likes-how it works

Social media platforms have always struggled with the problem that the hunt for likes creates social pressure - especially for young users. Instagram now reacts: You can turn off the meter reading. How this works, we explain to you.

Instagram and Facebook: Disable likes-how it works

Facebook has decided: The 'Like' Button in Instagram remains. Instead, you can now decide on the platform whether you want to see the "likes" on other channels or not. You can also disable the like feature for your own posts. In the future, this will also be possible in the Facebook app.

Young users put themselves under pressure

The aim of the innovation is to help relieve the pressure of success from the users. After all, for some, as many likes as possible are a measure of their popularity. Seeing others get more likes can become a burden, especially for younger users. Another problem is the so-called herd mentality.

Instagram has therefore been looking for a solution for several years and has gone through corresponding test phases. However, some participants rely on like figures in order to identify trends and correctly assess their relevance. Facebook has therefore ultimately decided to keep the Like button and to use it voluntarily.

How to hide the like madness

If you do not want to see how many people have clicked "Like" on other channels, activate the innovation in the settings:

To do this, open the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture at the bottom right.
Tap the three horizontal strokes in the upper right corner.
At the bottom you can now see "Settings".
Select "Privacy" and then "Posts".
Now activates the "Hide Like and View Counts"slider at the top.

If you now look at other users 'posts, you will only see the info, "Like Person XY and other people". However, what does not make much sense with regard to "taking pressure to succeed": If you tap on that sentence, you will still see who liked the picture. So Instagram just doesn't play you out a number directly.

Turn off likes - in old and new posts

You can also use the innovation in your own posts that you have already published in the past; see in the picture at the top right. To do this, select the three small dots next to the post and tap on "Hide number of 'likes'".

Disable likes in new posts

If you do not want to use a like counter in new posts, you will find the feature somewhat hidden:
First select an image in the app, edit it and make your settings as usual.
Only in the last step, in which you give your photo a caption, you will find the innovation.
Tap the lowercase "Advanced Settings" at the bottom, then "Hide number of likes and views for this post" at the top.

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Who does not use the Like button, still remains relevant
The algorithm that selects the order of the displayed posts is not affected by the new setting, according to Instagram. You do not have to fear that you will not be seen by your friends with posts without counters. According to the photo and video platform, neither the revenues (for influencers) changed negatively in test phases, nor did the general user behavior change. With one exception: users are more satisfied than before.