Top 15 Japanese Restaurants in Nairobi For 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Discover Nairobi's best Japanese restaurants in 2024, featuring authentic cuisine, expert chefs, and unique dining experiences

Feb 2, 2024 - 11:35
Feb 2, 2024 - 12:11
Top 15 Japanese Restaurants in Nairobi For 2024 (Ultimate Guide)
Top 15 Japanese Restaurants in Nairobi For 2024

In recent years, Nairobi has seen a remarkable surge in the popularity of Japanese cuisine, reflecting a global trend that marries the meticulousness of Japanese culinary arts with the vibrant dining culture of Kenya's capital. As 2024 unfolds, the quest for the best Japanese dining experiences in Nairobi becomes a journey through an array of establishments, each promising a unique blend of flavors, atmospheres, and culinary craftsmanship. From traditional sushi bars to innovative fusion concepts blending Japanese and Peruvian flavors, Nairobi's Japanese restaurants offer a culinary landscape as diverse and dynamic as the city itself. This guide aims to be your compass, navigating through the top 15 Japanese restaurants in Nairobi, offering insights into not just the food but the stories behind the chefs, the design of the spaces, and the overall dining experience that makes each restaurant a must-visit destination.

Why should you keep reading? Beyond merely listing restaurants, this article delves into what makes Japanese cuisine so profoundly appealing and how these Nairobi spots perfect the art. Whether you're a sushi lover, a ramen enthusiast, or curious about the delicate flavors of kaiseki, you'll find that Nairobi's best Japanese restaurants are about more than just food. 

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Top 15 Japanese Restaurants in Nairobi

Nairobi's culinary scene has embraced Japanese cuisine with open arms, offering diverse dining experiences that cater to every palate. From the authentic to the innovative, each restaurant on this list brings a unique flavor to the table, ensuring that enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine can find something to satisfy their cravings. Here's an in-depth look at Nairobi's 15 best Japanese restaurants as of 2024.

1. Hero Restaurant

At the forefront of Nairobi's Japanese dining scene, Hero Restaurant stands out for its hip, cozy speakeasy ambiance, complemented by an excellent selection of sushi and cocktails. This establishment is not just about dining; it's about providing an experience, with each dish crafted to perfection, offering a taste of Japan's culinary artistry​​. You can contact them at +254 732 186666

2.MeSo - Modern Asian Izakaya

MeSo brings a slice of Asia to Nairobi with its modern izakaya setting. It's a place where friends can gather to enjoy the food and the atmosphere. With 301 glowing reviews, it's clear that MeSo's sushi and diverse menu have made it a must-visit for those seeking a contemporary Asian dining experience​​.  You can contact them at +254 794 176355.

3.INTI - A Nikkei Experience

INTI is Nairobi's premiere destination for Nikkei cuisine, a harmonious blend of Japanese and Peruvian culinary traditions. With 1,530 reviews praising its innovative menu, INTI is not just a culinary journey; it offers breathtaking city views from its 20th-floor location​​.

4. Tokyo Restaurant

With over 20 years of experience, Tokyo Restaurant is helmed by one of Kenya's only licensed Japanese chefs. This establishment offers a rich blend of Japanese and Korean dishes, showcasing the chef's extensive experience in a serene garden setting. It's a testament to the depth of Japanese culinary tradition, inviting diners to explore a wide array of dishes​​​​.

The restaurant's contact information is as follows:

5. Teriyaki Japan Grilled Chicken

Teriyaki Japan Grilled Chicken is renowned for its signature grilled dishes, glazed to perfection with Teriyaki sauce. A stylish fast-food venture, it's a popular spot for those craving a quick yet flavorful Japanese meal. With locations in key areas, it offers convenience and quality in equal measure​​.

Here are some contact details for the restaurant:

  • Location: Along Mama Ngina street near Corner house in Nairobi
  • WebsiteTeriyaki Japan 

6.Chiq Japanese Restaurant

Chiq Japanese Restaurant marries casual-chic dining with traditional Japanese cuisine. Known for its Tonkatsu and extensive sushi platter, Chiq bridges Japan's culinary past and its contemporary interpretations. It's a space where diners can indulge in healthy, delicious meals without breaking the bank​​.

7.Cheka Japanese Restaurant

Cheka Japanese Restaurant, with its Izakaya style, offers a taste of Japan's vibrant bar culture. "Cheka" means "laugh" in Swahili, and true to its name, the restaurant is a place of joy, offering classic Japanese and Asian cuisines in a setting that encourages camaraderie and good times​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

Additionally, you can contact them at +254 704 777 111, and the restaurant is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm

8.Furusato Japanese Restaurant

Furusato is synonymous with quality Japanese cuisine in Nairobi. Offering a serene dining atmosphere, it's known for its sushi, sashimi, and teriyaki dishes, alongside a selection of Korean cuisine. Its garden views and Japanese lanterns create an ambiance that enhances the dining experience, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike​​​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

  • Address: Ring Road Parklands, Westlands, Nairobi, 00623.
  • Phone number: +254203748506, +254 0722488706.

9. Shokudo Japanese Cafe

For those seeking an authentic Japanese home-cooking experience, Shokudo Japanese Cafe is the go-to spot. Located in Kilimani, it offers a cozy setting for enjoying Japanese dishes, from sushi to teriyaki, all made with authentic ingredients​​​​.

Here are the contact details for the cafe:

  • Address: Lenana Road, Astrol Petrol Station, Nairobi, 00800.
  • Telephone: (+254) 0722788135, 0759 555501, 0722 788135, 0736 188000.
  • WebsiteShokudo Nairobi on Facebook

10. Zen Garden

Zen Garden offers more than just Japanese cuisine; it's a culinary destination that combines Chinese, Japanese, and Thai flavors. Set in the scenic surroundings of Nairobi's Spring Valley, it's known for its beautiful setting, quality food, and high level of service, making it a perfect venue for any occasion​​​​​​.

11. Haru Restaurant

Located in Karen, Haru Restaurant is a testament to the innovation and creativity of Japanese cuisine. Every dish carries a signature twist, showcasing the chef's artistry and commitment to delivering a unique dining experience. It's a place where simplicity meets sophistication, capturing the essence of Japanese culinary tradition​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

  • Address: Karen Road, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Telephone: +254 20 388 4086.
  • WebsiteHaru Restaurant 

12. Kai - The Sushi Bar

Kai - The Sushi Bar emphasizes freshness and local sourcing, working with local fishers and rice farmers to bring diners the finest sushi and seafood dishes. It's not just about supporting local agriculture; it's about providing a dining experience that's both sustainable and delicious​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

  • Address: Kindaruma Road, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Telephone: +254 717 11 22 33.
  • WebsiteKai - The Sushi Bar 

13. Sushi Soo

Sushi Soo is known for more than just its sushi; it's a culinary adventure that includes tempura, Korean soup and rice, seafood rolls, and more. It offers a laid-back atmosphere that's perfect for exploring the diverse flavors of Japanese and Korean cuisine​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

  • Address: Oloitoktok Road, Nairobi.
  • Delivery Hours: 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • WebsiteSushi Soo

14.Chekafe Japanese Sweet Factory (Cheka Ramen)

For ramen enthusiasts, Chekafe Japanese Sweet Factory is a must-visit. Offering authentic ramen bowls in a modern setting with a serene outdoor garden, it's a place where diners can enjoy the richness of Japanese flavors in a relaxed, inviting environment​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

15. Misono

Misono represents the simplicity and elegance of Japanese cuisine, utilizing regional products to create dishes that are both innovative and rooted in tradition. It's a dining experience that reflects the seasonal beauty of Japan, inviting diners to explore the depth of its culinary philosophy​​.

Here are the contact details for the restaurant:

  • Address: Ngong Road Green House, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Telephone: +254 722 530204.
  • Website: Misono on TripAdvisor 

What Makes These Restaurants Stand Out

Unique Features and Ambiance:

Each restaurant on our list offers something beyond the ordinary, whether INTI's breathtaking city views from its 20th-floor vantage point or Zen Garden's serene setting amidst Spring Valley's lush landscapes. These unique features create an ambiance that enhances the dining experience, making each meal memorable. For example, with its tranquil garden setting, Tokyo Restaurant provides a peaceful escape from the city's hustle, allowing diners to enjoy their meals in a serene atmosphere​​​​​​.

Culinary Quality and Authenticity: 

At the heart of these restaurants' appeal is their uncompromising food quality. Hero Restaurant and MeSo - Modern Asian Izakaya, for instance, have received rave reviews for their sushi and cocktails, a testament to their commitment to quality and authenticity. Furthermore, Furusato and Haru Restaurant are celebrated for their authentic dishes, which are meticulously prepared using traditional Japanese techniques, ensuring that diners receive an authentic taste of Japan​​​​.

Chef Expertise: 

The expertise of the chefs is a crucial factor that sets these restaurants apart. Many, like Tokyo Restaurant's Chef Youngho (Philip) Shin, bring decades of experience and a deep understanding of Japanese culinary traditions to their kitchens. This expertise is evident in the precision of their sushi, the balance of their flavors, and the innovation of their dishes, ensuring that diners enjoy a truly authentic Japanese dining experience​​​​.

Innovative Cuisine: 

Innovation plays a key role in distinguishing these restaurants. INTI - A Nikkei Experience, for example, offers a unique fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, introducing Nairobi to the flavors of Nikkei cuisine. This innovative approach to traditional dishes ensures a dining experience that is both familiar and excitingly new, catering to both traditionalists and adventurers alike​​.

Customer Experience: 

Beyond the food, the overall customer experience is paramount. From Cheka Japanese Restaurant's friendly atmosphere that encourages laughter and camaraderie to Sushi Soo's laid-back vibe, perfect for casual dining, these restaurants understand the importance of creating a welcoming environment. They excel in serving food and creating experiences where every visit becomes a cherished memory​​​​.

Supporting Local Economy: 

Kai - The Sushi Bar's commitment to sourcing locally working with local fishers and rice farmers, ensures the freshness of their ingredients and supports the local economy. This approach resonates with diners increasingly looking for sustainability in their dining choices, making Kai popular among environmentally conscious consumers​​.

Exploring the Flavors of Japan in Nairobi

The Japanese cuisine landscape in Nairobi is a tapestry woven with the threads of tradition, innovation, and culinary excellence. This rich fabric offers a palate of flavors, textures, and aromas beyond the widely loved sushi and sashimi, inviting diners to explore the depth and breadth of Japan's gastronomic offerings. Through meticulous preparation, attention to detail, and a deep respect for ingredients, Nairobi's top Japanese restaurants authentically explore Japanese culinary traditions while embracing local influences and modern twists.

Diversity of Dishes: 

The culinary journey into Japanese cuisine in Nairobi is not limited to raw fish and rice; it spans a variety of dishes that showcase the versatility of Japanese cooking. From the delicate flavors of tempura and noodle dishes at places like Hero Restaurant and MeSo to the comforting warmth of ramen bowls at Chekafe Japanese Sweet Factory, the city's Japanese restaurants cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences​​​​. These dishes, prepared with precision and care, reflect the meticulous nature of Japanese cuisine, where each ingredient is chosen for its quality and contribution to the final dish.

Innovative Fusion Cuisine:

 Restaurants such as INTI - A Nikkei  Experience takes the culinary experience a step further by blending Japanese techniques with Peruvian ingredients, offering a unique fusion that is both surprising and delightful​​. This innovative approach not only broadens the culinary horizon for diners but also showcases Japanese cuisine's adaptability and global appeal.

Quality and Freshness: 

Central to Japanese cuisine is the emphasis on the quality and freshness of ingredients. Nairobi's best Japanese restaurants, like Kai - The Sushi Bar, prioritize sourcing the freshest local produce and seafood, ensuring that each dish honors Japanese culinary traditions and supports local producers​​. This commitment to quality is palpable in every bite, from the crispness of tempura to the tender slices of sashimi, offering diners an authentic taste of Japan.

Culinary Artistry:

Japanese cuisine is as much about the visual presentation as it is about taste. The artistry of preparing and presenting dishes is evident across Nairobi's Japanese dining scene. Whether it's the elegant arrangement of a sushi platter at Tokyo Restaurant or the vibrant colors of a bowl of ramen at Chekafe, the visual appeal of the dishes complements their flavors, enhancing the overall dining experience​​​​.

Cultural Experience:

Dining at these establishments offers more than just a meal; it's an immersive cultural experience. Through the traditional decor, the etiquette observed in serving and consuming the dishes, and the attentive service that echoes Japan's renowned hospitality, diners are transported to Japan, experiencing its culture, traditions, and culinary excellence right in the heart of Nairobi.

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What are the price ranges for dining at these top Japanese restaurants in Nairobi?

    • The price ranges vary widely depending on the restaurant, with options available from mid-range to fine dining. For instance, dining at Hero Restaurant or INTI - A Nikkei Experience might be on the higher end, reflecting their premium offerings and unique dining experiences. On the other hand, places like Teriyaki Japan Grilled Chicken offer more affordable options without compromising the quality of Japanese cuisine​​​​.

Are there vegetarian options available at these Japanese restaurants?

    • Yes, many of the listed restaurants offer vegetarian options, catering to the diverse dietary preferences of their patrons. Restaurants such as Chiq Japanese Restaurant and Chekafe Japanese Sweet Factory provide a variety of dishes that are both vegetarian-friendly and authentic to Japanese cuisine​​​​.

Do I need to make reservations in advance?

    • For some of the more popular or upscale restaurants like INTI - A Nikkei Experience and Zen Garden, making a reservation in advance is advisable to ensure you get a table, especially during peak dining hours or special occasions​​​​​​.


Nairobi's Japanese restaurants are a testament to the city's growing culinary diversity and the global appeal of Japanese cuisine. From the traditional to the modern, the casual to the sophisticated, each restaurant brings something unique to the table. Whether you're searching for the perfect sushi, craving the comfort of a warm bowl of ramen, or exploring innovative Nikkei cuisine, Nairobi offers a range of options that promise an unforgettable dining experience.

As we've explored these 15 top Japanese restaurants, it's clear that the love for Japanese cuisine in Nairobi is more than just a trend; it reflects the city's appreciation for authentic, high-quality culinary experiences. These establishments serve delicious food and celebrate Japanese culture, artistry, and tradition, making each meal a journey worth taking. So, the next time you're in Nairobi and looking for an exceptional dining experience, consider visiting one of these top Japanese restaurants to discover the flavors, traditions, and innovations that make Japanese cuisine unique.

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