MCo-op Cash App Mobile Banking Kenya: Download, Activate, Secure Loans, Transfer Money & Pay Bills in 2024

Explore MCo-op Cash App Mobile Banking Kenya: Your guide from registration, managing accounts, loans, to security

Feb 13, 2024 - 19:21
MCo-op Cash App Mobile Banking Kenya: Download, Activate, Secure Loans, Transfer Money & Pay Bills in 2024
MCo-op Cash App Mobile Banking Kenya: Download, Activate, Secure Loans, Transfer Money & Pay Bills in 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Kenya's financial sector, mobile banking has emerged as a transformative force, heralding a new era of convenience and accessibility. At the forefront of this digital revolution is the MCo-op Cash App, a pioneering mobile banking solution developed by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya. Designed to cater to the diverse financial needs of its users, the MCo-op Cash App stands as a testament to the bank's commitment to innovation and customer service.

Mobile banking in Kenya has not just been about convenience; it has become a lifeline for many, offering a gateway to financial services for those previously excluded from the traditional banking system. With Kenya's mobile penetration rate soaring, the introduction of services like MCo-op Cash App leverages this widespread connectivity to ensure that banking services are just a few taps away on a smartphone. This app allows users to conduct a variety of transactions such as balance inquiries, money transfers, bill payments, and even access to instant loans, transforming the way Kenyans interact with their finances.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya, recognizing the shift towards digital banking, has meticulously developed the MCo-op Cash App to ensure it meets the high demands of modern banking. Registration is straightforward, with users able to sign up via USSD (*667#), the app itself for smartphone users, or through online banking for a more comprehensive account management experience. 

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Getting Started with MCo-op Cash App

The MCo-op Cash App, brought to you by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards digital banking, making financial services accessible right at your fingertips. This part will guide you through the initial steps to embark on this digital journey, from downloading the app to activating your account.

1. How to Download and Activate the MCo-op Cash App

Downloading and activating the MCo-op Cash App is a straightforward process designed to get you started on your mobile banking journey with minimal fuss.

  • For Smartphone Users:
    1. Visit your App Store: Whether you're on Android or iOS, the MCo-op Cash App is available for free. Simply search for "MCo-op Cash" in your respective app store and download.
    2. Open the App: Once installed, launch the app to begin the activation process.
  • For Basic Phone Users:
    • USSD Code: If you're using a basic phone, you can still access MCo-op Cash services by dialing *667#. This service allows you to register and access various banking services without the need for a smartphone.

2. Registration Process for MCo-op Cash

Once you have the app, the next step is registration, which is essential for accessing the app's services.

  • *Via USSD (667#): Ideal for users without a smartphone. Follow the prompts to register.
  • Through the App: After opening the app, you'll be guided through a registration process. Ensure you have your ID card or passport handy, as you'll need your identification number​​​​.

3. Online Banking Registration for Comprehensive Account Management

For those looking to manage their accounts more comprehensively, Co-op Bank offers an online banking registration option.

  • Visit the Online Banking Site: Navigate to Co-op Bank's online banking portal and select the "Register" option.
  • Provide Personal Details: You'll need to enter your full names, date of birth, phone number, and ID or Passport number​​.

Table: MCo-op Cash Registration Overview

Method Requirements Steps to Follow
Smartphone App Smartphone, Internet Access, ID/Passport Download app, open and register
USSD (*667#) Basic Phone, ID/Passport Dial *667#, follow prompts
Online Banking Internet Access, ID/Passport Visit online portal, fill in details

4. Linking Your Accounts

After registration, you may want to link your MCo-op Cash account with your other Co-op Bank accounts for seamless transactions. This can be done by visiting your nearest Co-op Bank branch with your identification documents​​.

5. Topping Up Your MCo-op Cash Account

To fully activate your account and start transacting, you'll need to top it up. This can be done via M-Pesa, bank transfer, or by depositing money directly into your account through a Co-op Bank branch.

Key Features of MCo-op Cash App

The MCo-op Cash App by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya is more than just a mobile banking app; it's a comprehensive financial management tool designed to cater to the varied needs of its users. 

1. Account Management and Banking Services

The app provides a robust platform for managing your accounts with ease. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check Balances and Statements: Quickly view your account balances and request mini-statements to keep track of your finances.
  • Cash Deposits and Withdrawals: Utilize pay bill number 400200 for cash deposits and access withdrawal services through ATMs and Co-op Kwa Jirani agents​​​​.

2. Money Transfer Services

The ability to transfer money seamlessly is crucial, and MCo-op Cash excels in this area:

  • Within Co-op Bank: Transfer money easily between your Co-op Bank accounts or to other Co-op Bank customers.
  • To Other Banks and M-Pesa: Send money to accounts in other banks or to M-Pesa with minimal effort​​​​.

3. Loan Services

One of the standout features is the access to various loans:

  • Salary Advance Loans: For salaried employees needing a quick financial boost.
  • Business Plus Loans: Tailored for business owners looking for capital​​​​.

4. Bill Payments and Utility Services

Paying bills is a breeze with MCo-op Cash, supporting payments for:

  • Utilities: Pay your electricity, water, and TV subscription services directly from the app.
  • Government Services: Make payments for government services, including KRA payments​​​​.

5. Security Measures

Security is paramount, and the MCo-op Cash App incorporates several measures to protect your financial information:

  • PIN and Password Protections: Ensures that only you can access your account.
  • OTP for Transactions: An added layer of security for transactions​​​​.

Security and Customer Support

In the digital age, the security of financial transactions and the availability of reliable customer support are paramount for any mobile banking application. The MCo-op Cash App, developed by the Co-operative Bank of Kenya, incorporates advanced security features and offers comprehensive customer support to ensure users can bank with confidence and receive assistance whenever needed.

1. Security Measures

The MCo-op Cash App is equipped with several security features to safeguard users' financial information and transactions:

  • PIN and Password Protections: Every transaction requires your unique PIN or password, preventing unauthorized access to your account.
  • One-Time Password (OTP) Verification: For certain transactions, an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Automatic Log-off: The app automatically logs off after a period of inactivity, reducing the risk of unauthorized access if your device is left unattended​​​​.

2. Customer Support Channels

Understanding that users may need assistance or have inquiries, the Co-operative Bank of Kenya provides several channels for customer support:

  • Dedicated Helpline: Customers can reach out to the bank's helpline at 0703 027 000 or 020 277 6000 for immediate assistance​​.
  • In-app Support: The MCo-op Cash App includes an in-app messaging feature, allowing users to send queries directly from the app.
  • Email Support: For detailed inquiries or to report issues, customers can email the bank's customer service team.
  • Social Media: The bank is active on various social media platforms, providing another avenue for support and engagement with users.

3. Resetting PIN and Addressing Security Concerns

In case a user forgets their PIN or suspects unauthorized access to their account, the MCo-op Cash App offers straightforward solutions:

  • PIN Reset: Users can reset their PIN through the USSD code *667#, following the prompts for a secure and immediate PIN reset process​​.
  • Reporting Security Issues: Users are encouraged to immediately report any suspicious activity or security concerns to the bank's customer support team for swift action.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register for MCo-op Cash?

    • Users can register through the USSD code *667#, via the app by downloading it from the app store, or through the Co-op Bank's online banking platform​​.

What transactions can I perform with MCo-op Cash?

    • The app allows for a wide range of transactions including account balance inquiries, money transfers, loan applications, bill payments, and more​​​​.

Can I apply for loans through MCo-op Cash?

    • Yes, users can apply for various loans such as salary advances and business loans directly through the app​​​​.

Is there a charge for using MCo-op Cash services?

    • While registration is free, certain transactions may incur charges. For example, balance inquiries and transfers to other banks have specified fees​​.

How do I secure my MCo-op Cash account?

    • The app uses PIN and password protections, along with OTP verification for transactions. Users are advised not to share their PINs or passwords and to log out after each session​​​​.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Issue: Unable to log in.
    • Solution: Ensure you're using the correct PIN or password. If you've forgotten your PIN, use the PIN reset feature via *667#​​.
  • Issue: Transaction not processing.
    • Solution: Check your internet connection and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account. If the issue persists, contact customer support.
  • Issue: App crashes or freezes.
    • Solution: Try restarting the app. If the problem continues, update the app to the latest version or reinstall it.
  • Issue: Received a suspicious request or message.
    • Solution: Do not respond to any suspicious emails or SMS. Report immediately to the Co-op Bank's customer support for investigation.


The MCo-op Cash App is designed to make banking accessible, convenient, and secure for its users. By familiarizing yourself with the FAQs and troubleshooting tips provided, you can navigate the app more effectively and take full advantage of its features. Whether you're making daily transactions, managing your loans, or seeking assistance, the MCo-op Cash App ensures a seamless banking experience. Should challenges arise, the Co-operative Bank of Kenya's dedicated support team is always ready to assist, ensuring that your banking journey is smooth and secure.

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