Mr. Bean's Daughters: The Spotlight on Lily Sastry and Isla Atkinson

Discover the extraordinary lives of Mr. Bean's daughters, Lily Sastry and Isla Atkinson. Dive into their artistic journeys, family dynamics, and the intersection of fame and personal growth.

Aug 17, 2023 - 11:48
Jan 30, 2024 - 15:16
Mr. Bean's Daughters: The Spotlight on Lily Sastry and Isla Atkinson
Inside the Lives of Mr. Bean's Daughters: Lily Sastry and Isla Atkinson

Mr. Bean, the beloved comedic character portrayed by actor Rowan Atkinson, has left an indelible mark on the hearts of those who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s. Renowned for his silent yet side-splitting performances, Rowan Atkinson's comedic genius has garnered international acclaim. Beyond the screen, Atkinson is a devoted father to three children, including his daughters Lily Sastry and Isla Atkinson. In this article, we delve into the lives of Mr. Bean's daughters, shedding light on their unique journeys, accomplishments, and the intricate family dynamics that shape their stories.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Legendary Mr. Bean: Born to the 90s and early 2000s kids, Mr. Bean, is a creation that has transcended age and borders. 
  2. Life Beyond Comedy: Beyond the chuckles and the silent comic sketches, Rowan leads a life surrounded by family. He's the proud father of three, with Lily and Isla shining brightly as his beloved daughters.
  3. Lily Sastry - The Rising Star: Born in 1995 to Rowan and Sunetra Sastry, Lily has entered the entertainment realm with the grace of a dancer and a singer's voice. From acting to singing, her versatility knows no bounds.
  4. Isla Atkinson - Baby Bean: The youngest of the Atkinson clan, Isla, holds the charm and grace of her parents. Born in 2017 to Rowan and Louise Ford, she's already made quite a splash in the media, despite her parent's protective nature.
  5. Fabiola Baglieri - The Imitator: While not related to Rowan, Fabiola's uncanny resemblance to Mr. Bean has won her millions of views on TikTok, making her an honorary member of the Atkinson world.

Who Are Mr. Bean's Daughters?

Rowan Atkinson, the iconic English comedian, actor, and author, needs no formal introduction. With a decades-long career, Atkinson's distinct comedic style has earned him a special place in entertainment history. However, beyond the laughter he brings to the world, Atkinson is a family man with three children: Lily Sastry, Benjamin Atkinson, and Isla Atkinson.

Lily and Benjamin, aged over 25, are the offspring of Atkinson's marriage to Indo-English makeup artist Sunetra Sastry. This union lasted from 1990 to 2015 and marked a significant chapter in Atkinson's life. On the other hand, Isla Atkinson was born to Atkinson and British comedian/actress Louise Ford in 2017, solidifying a new chapter in his journey as a father.

Lily Sastry: An Artistic Journey

Lily Sastry: An Artistic Journey

Lily Sastry, formerly Lily Atkinson, entered the world in 1995 London, UK. As a talented singer, actress, and burlesque dancer, Lily's artistic inclinations were nurtured from a young age. Her acting career took off early, with roles in films like "Tooth" (2004), "Mr. Bean's Holiday" (2007), and "Johnny English Reborn" (2011), the latter two directed by her father.

With Rowan Atkinson's unwavering support, Lily explored the cabaret world, honing her skills as she ventured into songwriting and recording. Her tracks found their way onto SoundCloud, and she graced renowned venues like The Pheasantry dinner club, West End Theatre, and St. James Theatre in London.

A defining moment came in 2017 when Lily adopted her mother's surname. This change marked a significant transition in her life, coinciding with her father's announcement of expecting his third child with Louise Ford. Despite their differences, Lily and her father have found common ground, sharing moments at events like the premiere of "Johnny English Strikes Again" in 2018.

Isla Atkinson: The Youngest Star

Isla Atkinson: The Youngest Star

Isla Atkinson, born in December 2017, holds a unique place in the Atkinson family dynamic. As a result of Rowan Atkinson's relationship with Louise Ford, Isla's arrival was accompanied by an unexpected decision. Rowan chose to take a break from his acting career, dedicating time to being a full-time father and allowing Louise to focus on her professional pursuits.

Louise Ford, a prominent actor, and comedian, is known for her roles in various television series and dramas. Her partnership with Rowan Atkinson began after they starred together in a play in 2013. The birth of Isla further solidified their bond, prompting Rowan's hiatus from the entertainment industry.

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Final Thoughts

The lives of Mr. Bean's daughters, Lily Sastry and Isla Atkinson, are intricately interwoven with the complexities of fame, family, and personal growth. From Lily's artistic journey to Isla's arrival, reshaping her father's priorities, these daughters stand as testaments to Rowan Atkinson's diverse roles as an entertainment icon and a loving father. stands proudly as a preeminent Publication Blog in Kenya, dedicated to delivering an unparalleled wealth of informative content across a multitude of subjects that resonate with both the Kenyan audience and the global community at large. Our unwavering commitment to quality and accuracy has made us a trusted resource for readers not only in Kenya but also in the United States and South Africa.