Nokia X10 price in Kenya  and specifications: A  Reliable 5G phone with four cameras

Nokia challenges other manufacturers: Not necessarily with the fastest smartphones on the market, but with the most sustainable company policy possible. This includes the fact that extended Android update cycles apply to the devices of the X series, i.e. Nokia's most expensive smartphones, and that there is no charger in the package, for example.

Nokia X10 price in Kenya  and specifications: A  Reliable 5G phone with four cameras

The Nokia X10 is the somewhat slimmed-down sister model of the Nokia X20. In terms of design, the two devices hardly differ, and also, many specifications appear very similar. The price difference ex-works is Ksh 10,000, the Nokia X10 is available for Ksh 41,185, so it is in the classic price region of the smartphone middle class.

Nokia X10 Specifications

  • Processor:Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G 8 x 1.8 - 2 GHz, Cortex-A76 / 55
  • Graphics card:Qualcomm Adreno 619
  • Memory:4096 MB 
  • Screen: 6.67 inches 20:9, 2400 x 1080 pixels 395 PPI, capacitive touchscreen, IPS, reflective: yes, 60 Hz
  • Storage :64 GB UFS 2.1 Flash, 64 GB  , 49 GB available
  • Weight :220 g

The chassis of the Nokia X10 is available in two color variants: Forest and Snow. Forest is a dark green, while Snow is a shade of white. Nokia only uses Gorilla Glass 5on the x20  with much higher hardness. Using a pre-glued screen protector will save your screen from any damage.

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 The smartphone is IP52 protected, thereby offering protection against dirt, while with liquids, it is only protected against splashing water. The Nokia X10 is built stable and has no problems with pressure on the front or back. In addition, the smartphone can hardly be twisted.


With 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB for data, the storage space has been precisely halved compared to the Nokia X20. NFC can be found on the smartphone so that you can use mobile payment services. There is also a USB-C socket, but this is only connected internally with USB 2.0 speed.

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microSD card reader

microSDs up to 512 GB can accommodate the smartphone, but you have to do without one of the two SIM slots.


Android 11 is pre-installed from the factory. Nokia promises three years of updates. According to the manufacturer's statements, all versions up to Android 14 should come to the smartphone. Thanks to Android One, there should also be monthly security updates.

Nokia installs pure Android, but also two advertising apps, which you can uninstall quickly. A DRM certification is available so that you can watch streaming content in HD.

Phone functions and voice quality

Nokia uses Android's standard app for telephony. Support for VoLTE and VoWiFi is available.

The Nokia X10 does an excellent job in terms of voice quality: The other person's voice is not always unequivocal and without noise, but overall always understandable. When using the telephone function, you do not have to speak excessively loudly so that your voice arrives at the interlocutor. Via a hands-free system, i.e. via the built-in loudspeaker, the other person also sounds neat.


The camera setup of the two devices from Nokia's X series looks quite similar at first glance: 4 lenses, 3 of which can be used for photos, the fourth support portrait shots. The only difference to the Nokia X20 is the primary camera's resolution: In the Nokia X10, only a 48-megapixel lens works.

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Accessories and Warranty – No Charger

If you look at the accessories, you have to get used to Nokia's X series: No charger in the package. Nokia wants to protect the environment because many users already have a charger at home.


Of course, you can also order a charger from Nokia on request. Then you pay Ksh 2000, the proceeds are donated, so Nokia earns nothing on the chargers. If you want to use your charger, you can find the requirements on Nokia's website.

Instead of the charger, a case in the package is made of compostable material and protects the phone from damage, so hopefully, you can use it longer. A USB cable and a SIM tool can also be found in the package. Other accessories such as cases or even a mobile phone stand can be found on the Nokia website at moderate prices.


Nokia also offers a 36-month extended warranty in many regions, so users are also safe from damage caused during production for longer.

Price:The device starts at around KES 31,598 here in the country

Display – Full HD panel in Nokia phone

The Nokia X10 relies on 1080p and offers a quite bright IPS display on request. The black level is relatively high, so the contrast value is only sufficient. This means that the colours are rather pale. Here the IPS panel can not compete with an OLED screen.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 sounds like an entry-level SoC, but it has already been shown in the Nokia X20 that it can keep up with other mid-range systems. However, you can also see that this year devices with a few percent more power will appear in the same price segment. One example is the Vivo Y72.


For everyday use, the performance is always sufficient, only with more complex apps or if several applications are running simultaneously, the performance limits of the SoC become visible.


Also, in terms of graphics performance, the Nokia X10 is on a class level.


The Nokia X10 is a 5G mid-range phone without too many highlights but with an extended warranty and no severe weaknesses. Of course, if you expect a 90 Hz display, the fastest Internet in the price range or the absolute best performance, you will not be happy with the Nokia X10.

With the Nokia X10, you get a solid smartphone with hardly any fundamental weaknesses and simply reliably denies everyday life. Since this ordinary everyday life should last as long as possible in the sense of sustainability, this is probably one of the qualities that Nokia has aimed for.

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