One Acre Fund branches in Kenya and Their Contacts For 2024

Learn about One Acre Fund's innovative approach to supporting smallholder farmers in Kenya, breaking the cycle of hunger and creating lasting change. Various Branches in Kenya are also mentioned and their Contacts

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Jan 20, 2024 - 10:46
One Acre Fund branches in Kenya and Their Contacts For 2024
One Acre Fund branches in Kenya and Their Contacts For 2024

In the heart of East Africa, where agriculture is the backbone of communities, One Acre Fund stands as a beacon of hope for smallholder farmers seeking to improve their lives and build resilient futures. With more than 50 million families across Sub-Saharan Africa relying on small farms to produce 80 percent of the continent's food, the journey to self-sufficiency is challenging. One Acre Fund steps in with its innovative approach, providing resources, expertise, education, and a pathway to prosperity.

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The Founding Story and Mission

Founded in 2006 by the visionaries Andrew Youn, Eric Pohlman, and John Gachunga, One Acre Fund was born out of the realization that slight differences in planting techniques and access to quality seeds and supplies could make a monumental impact on the lives of smallholder farmers. Instead of handouts, the organization empowers farmers by investing in them, helping them increase their yields and profitability. By focusing on productive farming, healthy communities, and thriving economies, One Acre Fund aims to alleviate hunger and create lasting change.

One Acre Fund branches in Kenya 2024

One Acre Fund operates in various regions of Kenya, ensuring that farmers from all corners of the country have access to its services. Let's take a look at some of the regions and the corresponding One Acre Fund branches:


Duka Name Location Details Phone Number
Kilifi Matanomane - Kilifi road 704221962
Kakanjuni Kakanjuni Centre 0705476051
Maereni Maereni Market 0705704816
Kidutani Behind Kidutani Primary School, Kidutani 0743814753
Kwale Along Kwale Mombasa Highway 0702533684
Dzistoni Opposite Jomo Kenyatta Primary School 0705495929
Matanomanne 0704221962
Kikoneni Kikoneni Centre 0746704298
Mkongani Mkongani Market 0743814157
Mamba Mamba Kikoneni Road 0705467814
Msambweni Opp Jomo Kenyatta Primary School, Ukund Ramisi Road 0792104159

Mount Kenya Region

County Location Description Phone
Embu Kithimu Along Kivwe-Kithimu road, opposite Kithimu Dispensary 706206723
Embu Ugweri Ugweri market along Kawanjara Meru Road 0791725261
Embu Kibugu Kibungu market, next to Kibugu's Chief's Office 0758349641
Embu Runyenjes Opposite Foreal Primary School, KCC area, Runyenjes 0758 735 749
Embu Ishiara Mati road, next to Ishiara Police Station 0759 467 656
Embu Embu Opposite Tenri Hospital 0769 310 970
Kirinyaga Wang’uru Opposite Golden Grain rice millers, Nairobi - Embu road 743904684
Kirinyaga Gategi Opposite Gategi Girls 0800723355
Kirinyaga Kutus Kutus town along Kagio- Kutus road near D8 Hotel 0800723355
Kirinyaga Baricho Baricho town along Baricho-Kerugoya road opposite Greenland Tree nursery 0800723355
Kirinyaga Wanguru Opposite Golden Rice Millers along the Embu-Nairobi highway 0743 904 684
Kirinyaga Sagana Along Nairobi-Karatina Highway, opposite KPCU 0746 293 231
Kirinyaga Kerugoya Opposite Shell Petrol Station along Kutus road 0758 735 749
Kitui Kitui Central Wakilile Market along Kitui-Athi road 0713857195
Machakos Kithimani Kithimani Stage next to Redeemed Gospel Church 0794782735
Machakos Kathiani Kathiani Town opposite Salvation Army Church 0743129410
Machakos Kangundo Next to Airport along Kangundo Kathiani Road 0742049781
Makueni Kathonzweni Kathonzweni Market opposite Kwa Nthokah Hardware along Wote-Makindu Road 710606802
Makueni Kanthonzweni Kathonzweni Duka is located in Kathonzweni Market opposite Kwa Nthokah Hardware along Wote-Makindu Road 0710606802
Makueni Kola Kola market along Machakos Wote road next to Ne Tech Driving School 0715263454
Makueni Mbooni Mbooni Duka is located in Kikima Market opp Kwetu Sacco along Machakos-Kikima Road 0715263454
Makueni Mukuyuni Mukuyuni market along Machakos - Wote road 0708651761
Meru Maili Saba B Maili Saba market, along Subuiga- Isiolo Highway 718867412
Meru Chaaria Chaaria near P.C.E.A Dispensary 0704869366
Meru Keria Keria-Magutuni Road, next to Keria Police post 0714187765
Meru Kibirichia Kibirichia market opp Kibirichia Girls Secondary along Meru Nanyuki highway 0714696334
Meru Mulika Duka Mulika market, next to Roho Safi Stores 0743989143
Meru Mikinduri Duka Meru Mikinduri Road opposite Mikinduri hospital 0743985849
Meru Giaki Giaki market next to Muga investment along Ndurumo to Mukothima road 0758649324
Meru Nkubu Opposite Deliverance Church along the Nkubu-Meru highway 0758 996 127
Meru Muriri Muriri Centre, along the Meru-Maua road, next to Birote Summit Lodge 0769917023
Meru Mitunguu Near Mitunguu Technical Institute, along the Meru -Ena Road 0799 630 464
Meru Meru Gitimbine, 200 metres past NCPB 0793 467 901
Meru Maua Along the Maua-Kanuni road, near Modern Two building 0798 354 112
Meru Kiirua Next to Kiirua Market 0792 297 542
Murang'a Maragua Maragua, along Murang'a - Kenol highway 100M opposite Sofla Lounge and Grill 704178569
Murang'a Kirere Along Kigumo Road, opposite Kigumo Girls Secondary School 746704298
Murang'a Kenol Opposite Makuyu Total Energies 705143661
Murang'a Kangari Near Kangari United Dairy 0702 557 694
Murang'a Saba Saba Opposite Saba Saba Secondary School 0759 356 475
Murang'a Kangema Opposite Golden Rice Millers along the Embu-Nairobi highway 0769 842 245
Murang'a Gatunyu Along Gatanga Road, near Gatunyu Market 0799 635 126
Nyandarua Maralal 0800723355
Nyandarua Ol Kalou Ol Kalou-Dondori Road opposite Ol Kalou stadium next to Ol Kalou KPLC branch 0795354023
Nyandarua Charagita Charagita centre opposite bus stop 0716217978
Nyandarua Murungaru Murungaru junction opp VIC Church 0716207844
Nyandarua Kanjuiri Kanjuiri site touches the main road at the T-junction adjacent to Kanjuiri nursery school 0715928193
Nyandarua Mawingu Tumaini Gilgil road in Mawingu market 0702197587
Nyandarua Ol Kalau Ol Kalau-Dondori Road, opposite Ol Kalau stadium and next to the KPLC Ol Kalau branch 0800 72 33 55
Nyandarua Miharati Opposite Jesus Winner Ministry Church Miharati, along Ndunyu Njeru road 0790 608 741
Nyandarua Kasuku Kasuku Town, opposite Joska House and near Kasuku Police Station, along the Nyahururu-Gilgil Road 0790 768 532
Nyandarua Engineer Opposite ACK Engineer, along Miharati road 0796 632 229
Nyandarua Dondori Dundori Gwakiongo, along the Nakuru - Ol jororok road in Mirangine Sub-county 0790 764 882
Nyeri Mukuruweini Along Mukurweini - Muranga road opposite Mt. Kenya Filling Station 746574773
Nyeri Wamagana Nyeri ihithe road at Wamagana shopping centre 0791730267
Nyeri Uranga Mukurwe-ini Muranga road opposite Mt Kenya Filling Station 0711549952
Nyeri Kiawara Kiawara - Nyahururr Rd opp Full Gospel Church 0758345208
Nyeri Gatitu Gatitu Market along Nyeri - Karatina highway near Junction Resort 0743697683
Nyeri Othaya Opposite Family Bank, Othaya Branch 0742 558 145
Nyeri Mukurwe-ini Mukurwe-ini-Muranga Road, opposite Mt Kenya Filling Station 0757481318
Nyeri Karatina Near Oldoiyo Lengai Hotel, along the Karatina-Kerugoya road 0798 604 976
Tharaka Nithi Kiengu Kiengu Market, along Kiutine Road, 100M from the market centre opp kwa Jack Dispensary 0714187765
Tharaka Nithi Kaanwa Kaanwa market opp the MCA's office next to the ward administrator's office 0713830749
Tharaka Nithi Kibugua Kibugua Market along Kibugua - Itugururu Road, opp Magumoni Mixed Day Secondary School 0712221532

Nyanza Region

County Duka Name Location Description Contact Number
Homa Bay Nyamarimba 0758451165
Homa Bay Nyang’iela At Nyang'iela Centre along Rangwe Oyugis Road. 0716731134
Homa Bay Nyawita Located in Nyawita market 0792916657
Homa Bay Olima The duka is located in Olima market next to Angino Mixed Secondary 0718308484
Homa Bay Nyamaiya Duka Located opposite Nyamaiya tea buying centre 0745073849
Homa Bay Kadienge Along Kandiege-Kadel Road 0769846182
Homa Bay Lida Located opposite The Ultimate Investment home good store 0745110890
Homa Bay Kolweny Located in Kolweny shopping centre opposite Kolweny shopping mall. 0746761105
Homa Bay Kobodo Located near Kobodo primary 0758210197
Homa Bay Mbita Duka Along Homabay-Mbita road opposite vintage Computers 0743787658
Homa Bay Ndiru Along the Omoya-Onyege Road 0707 126 710
Homa Bay Magina Located within Magina Market 0702 199 792
Homa Bay Rodi Along Ndhiwa road, near St. Benard School 0794 682 692
Homa Bay Riat Along Ndhiwa road, near Sukari Industries 0793 830 162
Homa Bay Kendu Bay Opposite Pikadili Hotel 0757 812 044
Homa Bay Kandiege Located along the Kandiege-Kadel road 0769846182
Homa Bay Kadongo Located along the Kisii-Kisumu road 0795 293 185
Homa Bay Homa Bay Along Migori road, next to the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce 0794 366 876
Kisii Nyamarambe 743501707
Kisii Nyakongo The Duka is located on Nyamache - Egari road next to Buyore Academy 795357680
Kisii Kegogi Kegogi near Market Place 0758655319
Kisii Nyakeyo Duka Located near Nyakeyo Market 0705471823
Kisii Keumbu 0745768449
Kisii Gesusu Located in Gesusu market next to Gesusu ODM offices 0757487615
Kisii Tabaka Next to Tabaka Boys School 0791865207
Kisii Mosocho Along the Oyugis-Mosocho-Kisii Road 0748398863
Kisii Geturi Junction Geturi Junction, along the Kisii-Nyatieko Road 0748745613
Kisii Ogembo Along the Kisii-Kilgoris Road, opposite Chakens School 0746070836
Kisii Masara Along the Migori-Tanzania Road 0707 659 935
Kisii Suneka Near Itido Primary School 0757 409 849
Kisii Oyugis Along Kisumu road, next to Adams Enterprise 0757 719 633
Kisii Omogenda Along the Omogenda-Ekona road 0743 687 259
Kisii Nyamache Along the Nyamache - Egari Road, next to Buyore Academy 0795 357 680
Kisii Mogunga Along Kilgoris road, next to Nico Samaritan Social Hall 0746 954 754
Kisii Kisii Menyikwa, along the Kisii - Kilgoris road 0758 644 502
Kisii Keroka Kisii Highway, next to Shell petrol station 0757 285 973
Kisumu Songhor Songhor Duka is located along Songhor-Senetwo Road, 100 Meter before Songhor Mixed secondary School. 0745365827
Kisumu Mamboleo Located near Mamboleo SDA Church 0704178569
Kisumu Daraja Mbili Daraja Mbili is along Maseno - Kisumu highway, about a kilometre from Daraja mbili centre 0715439663
Kisumu Dago Dago is located along Kiboswa - Daraja Mbili road, 100m from Dago Market 0713723169
Kisumu Katito Along the Kisumu-Kisii Road, opposite Triangle Palm Hotel 0705159281
Kisumu Sondu Along the Sondu-Kisii highway, near Full Gospel Churches of Kenya 0795 741 839
Kisumu Muhoroni Muhoroni Town, opposite Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, along the Muhoroni - Koru Road 0799 406 532
Kisumu Koru Along Koru Girls Secondary School road, opposite Koru Dispensary 0758524821
Kisumu Kit Mikayi Opposite Kit Mikayi Secondary School 0769 194 126
Kisumu Awasi Opposite Amazing Grace Secondary School, along the Kisumu-Kericho Highway 0796 816 881
Kisumu Ahero Along the Kisumu highway, next to Iftah petrol station 0794 953 826
Migori Oyani Masai Located in Oyani market opposite St Mary's Oyola primary school 0702541766
Migori Kehancha Located at Kehancha Market 0705179589
Migori Nyandema Located along Nyandema-Koweru road opposite Nyandema Primary 0705484227
Migori Ntimaru Behind Ntimaru Police station 0705136871
Migori Mabera Locate at Mabera market opposite Divisional office (DO)Along side Migori Isibania sirare road 0743897321
Migori Giribe Giribe Market, near the junction heading to Giribe Dispensary 0702506512
Migori Siruti Siruti Centre, opposite Siruti Technical and Vocational College 0794786251
Migori Rongo Off the Migori - Rongo road, next to Otieno Welding Shop 0794 859 450
Migori Ranen Ranen Centre, along the Kisii-Sirare Road 0703 407 830
Migori Ndhiwa Along the Rodi-Ndhiwa Road, opposite Ark Highway View Motel 0743191280
Migori Uriri Located along the Migori - Awendo road, opposite Uriri filling station 0743917298
Migori Ogwedhi Located along the Ogwedhi-Masara road, opposite Ogwedhi Health Centre 0769 843 511
Migori Ndege Oriedo Located at the market centre 0794 693 345
Migori Migori Migori Town, along Muhuru Bay Road, opposite NCPB 0798 742 326
Nyamira Mecheo The Duka is located after Mecheo town immediately after Metamaywa junction 758648714
Nyamira Gachuba The Duka is located opposite coffee farmers on the way to Masaba near Kenan Primary 743615718
Nyamira Nyamusi Along Nyamira - Ekerenyo road 0758374093
Nyamira Nyansiongo On the way form kisii to chebilat, Nyansiongo stage next to national oil behind it 0758373525
Nyamira Rigoma Along Amabuko-Rigoma road next to Rigoma Medical centre 0758647652
Nyamira Kebiringo Along Kebirigo-kisii road near Kebirigo petrol station 0769951944
Nyamira Mosobeti Located along the Mosebet-Kibirigo road, near Macs School 0745699401
Nyamira Kemera Along the Kemera-Tombe Highway, near Kemera Whitestar Academy 0796 776 292
Nyamira Kebirigo Along the Kebirigo-Kisii Road, near Kebirigo Petrol Station 0797565412
Nyamira Ikonge Along the Ikonge-Sotik Road, near Ikonge Primary School 0790 813 308
Siaya Sirodha Junction Located along Busia-Kisumu at Kodiaga stage in Sirembe market 0792465196
Siaya Ndori Duka 0758436707
Siaya Konyango Situated in Masiro Konyango Centre Luanda market near St Catherine Yogo Catholic Parish/Church 0713899383
Siaya Madiany Maili Saba Market at Waitaluk Junction, along the Eldoret-Kitale Road 0742817434
Siaya Got Kojowi Got Kojowi Shopping Centre 0702 801 541
Siaya Barko Barko centre, near Got Kokwiri Primary School 0758514725
Siaya Yala Located along Kisumu - Busia road, next to Anyange Mall 0742 849 760
Siaya Ukwala Located along the Ugunja - Ukwala road, opposite (K) oil station 0769 843 283
Siaya Ugunja Ugunja, opposite Home Ground Hospital 0758 217 941
Siaya Siaya Along the Siaya-Kisumu Road 0758 158 354
Siaya Siala Near the police post and the Chief's camp respectively 0757 987 199
Siaya Nyang’oma Kogelo Along Ndori road, behind Kogelo resort 0745 176 029
Siaya Bondo Along Bondo-Usenge Road, opposite Hummer Lounge 0745 728 6

Rift Valley

County Location Name Address Contact
Baringo Mlango Nne Duka Eldoret - Nakuru Highway, Mlango nne next to Petrol Station 706216084
Baringo Makutano Baringo Duka Eldoret - Nakuru Highway, Makutano centre 714690438
Baringo Eldama Ravine Duka Eldama Ravine town, next to Rimas Hotel 708116770
Bomet Ndanai Duka Kisii-Sotik Road, route to Ndanai via KCC 0790 954 397
Bomet Sotik Duka Kaplong-Narok Road 0797 601 586
Bomet Mogogosiek Duka Opposite police station, next to Hotel 68 0746 849 743
Bomet Makimeny Duka Makimeny-Siongiroi road 0797 601 586
Bomet Etago Duka Etago-Kenyenya road, next to Etago Sub-County offices 0799 813 351
Bomet Chebole Duka Chebole-Makimeny road 0796 810 959
Bomet Bomet Duka Near Riverside Hotel, Bomet-Narok highway 0748 860 317
Elgeyo Marakwet Bugar Duka Eldoret-Moiben juction, Bugar-Iten Road, 3km on your right 705170218
Elgeyo Marakwet Kapsowar Duka Kapsowar centre, near Cerial Board 0758373576
Elgeyo Marakwet Kapcherop Duka Kapcherop site along Kapcherop - Iten Rd 0715925436
Elgeyo Marakwet Flax Duka Flax Centre, 2km off Eldoret-Ravine Road, 37km from Eldoret town 0790 878 814
Elgeyo Marakwet Chororget Duka Near Kapkenda Girls' High School 0759 120 993
Elgeyo Marakwet Kamwosor Duka Eldoret - Ravine road, near Kamet Dairies 0769847226
Elgeyo Marakwet Iten Duka Eldoret-Iten road 0769 478 938
Kericho Chepseone Duka Kericho - Nakuru Highway, opposite Chepseon Market Flyover 716719481
Kericho Chepnyongaa Duka Opposite Sun City Hospital 791316312
Kericho Mtaragon Duka Mtaratgo at Mtaragon market centre 0715395338
Kericho Chepnyogaa Duka Opposite Suncity Hotel 0791316312
Kericho Kapsuser Duka Kapsuser - chemosit/Bomet road near Kapsuser Garage 0706210081
Kericho Chepseon Duka Along Kericho - Nakuru Highway, near Chepseon market 0716719481
Kericho Litein Duka Along Koiwa Road 0792 904 402
Kericho Kipsirichet Duka Kipsirichet - Londiani road 0741 194 372
Kericho Kapsoit Duka Kisumu - Kapsoit road, opposite Kapsoit Secondary School 0742 728 541
Kericho Brooke Centre Duka Brooke Centre, off Kericho-Nakuru Highway, opposite Ketepa Tea Factory 0797 566 245
Laikipia Rumuruti Duka Near Rumuruti water company in Rumuruti town behind the market 0716624689
Laikipia Kinamba Duka Kinamba Sipili road, opposite Shalom Guest house 0716639318
Laikipia Wiyumiririe Duka Opposite Bekamo School in Wiyumiririe town, along Nyeri-Nyahururu Highway 0790 747 623
Laikipia Nyahururu Duka Nyahuru-Nyeri Road, near Ziwani Estate and Thomson's Falls 0796 779 510
Nakuru Stoo Mbili Duka Stoo Mbili shopping centre, next to Stoo Mbili primary 0702522713
Nakuru Molo Duka Molo mau summit road, less than a kilometer from the railway 0716678698
Nakuru Kinungi Duka Kinungi Town 0716674280
Nakuru Subukia Duka Subukia Town 0716653998
Nakuru Kampi ya moto Duka Kampi ya moto centre 0716664039
Nakuru Maili Kumi Duka Maili Kumi centre 0716704926
Nakuru Njoro Duka Njoro, near Maili Tatu market 0769 845 536
Nakuru Mau Narok Duka Mau Narok Town, near Queen of Peace Catholic Church 0796 631 222
Nandi Kaptich Duka Olmaroroi-Kurkung road, Kaptich Center near Olmaroroi Secondary School 0800723355
Nandi Kapkuong Duka Kapkuong Center, Chemalal - Tambul - Kapsaos Road 0800723355
Nandi Olessos Duka Olessos Duka, Lessos-Keses Road, 700 meters from Lessos Educational Centre 0798217938
Nandi Serem Duka Serem opposite Bahati butchery 0757842378
Nandi Baraton Duka Baraton Duka, Kebulonck - Baraton Road, 900 meters from University of Eastern Africa - Baraton (Main Campus) 0714163768
Nandi Kapsoo Duka Opposite ACK Kapsoo church 0712921039
Nandi Nandi Hills Duka Duka Nandi Hills-Kisumu highway near Nandi Tea Factory 0799818313
Nandi Kibukwo Duka Kibukwo opp Primary School 0792658151
Nandi Metetitei Duka Duka Meteitei Market, near Chief's camp 0796881607
Nandi Kaseta Duka Opposite Kaseta farmers store 0715451843
Nandi Kaptumo Duka Kipsigak - Serem Rd opp St Stephen Inanja ACK and before the junction to Kaptumo Tea Factory 0715413794
Nandi Mosoriot Duka Eldoret-Kapsabet Highway, opposite Kabiyet Road 0707 358 228
Nandi Chepsonoi Duka Stendi Kisa Road, next to EnSen Petrol Station 0707 013 059
Nandi Kabiyet Duka Kabiyet town, Market road, next to Ross Academy 0791 378 157
Nandi Kobujoi Duka Serem Road, next to Kobujoi Car Wash 0742 483 045
Nandi Ol’Lessos Duka Ol'Lesos Centre, Eldoret - Ol'Lesos road 0800 72 33 55
Nandi Kipkaren Duka Kipkaren-Turbo Road, near Tanyikina Diary plant 0794 746 853
Nandi Kapsabet Duka Kapsabet-Kisumu Road, next to Nandi Store and Rubis Petrol Station 0110 732 974
Nandi Meteitei Duka Meteitei Market, near the Chief's camp 0796 881 607
Narok Mulot Duka Mulot town, adjacent to Mulot High School 714884787
Narok Lolgorein Duka Lolgorien town, opposite Lolgorien Police Station 714638932
Narok Kilgoris Duka Near Kilgoris Boys' 0707 662 474
Trans Nzoia Kapsara Duka Kapsara market, near sub county hospital sibanga Kapsara Road 0716646305
Trans Nzoia Kitale Duka Centre Kwanza Junction 0768376246
Trans Nzoia Kiminini Duka Opp Kiminini police station 0759763243
Trans Nzoia Kachibora Duka Kachibore - Mois Bridge rd, Kachibora Friends church 0768363160
Trans Nzoia Siekuti Duka Kamulembe Shopping Centre near Muhudu, Kakamega-Chavakali Road 0768369774
Trans Nzoia Kolongolo Duka Kolongolo market, Kitale-Suam Road, near PAG Church 0707 729 870
Trans Nzoia Kabichora Duka Kachibora Friends Church, Kachibora - Moi's Bridge Road 0800 72 33 55
Trans Nzoia Sikhendu Duka Sikhendu Market, near Safaricom booth, Kamkuywa-Kitale Road 0702 192 772
Trans Nzoia Lukhome Duka Turbo-Endebess Road, on the way to Stingam Estate 0706 944 598
Trans Nzoia Muroki Duka Muroki Market, opposite Muroki Primary School, Saboti-Kiyuamba Road 0707 216 511
Trans Nzoia Ndal Duka Ndalu-Brigadier Road, opposite Kenya Seed Limited and Girango Agrochemicals 0707 353 164
Trans Nzoia Maili Saba Duka Maili Saba Market, Eldoret-Kitale Road, Waitaluk junction 0707 675 780
Trans Nzoia Sibanga Duka Sibanga-Moi's Bridge Road 0706 613 901
Trans Nzoia Kissawai Duka Kitale - Saboti Road, opposite Kinyoro Police Station 0768 170 385
Trans Nzoia Matunda Duka Kitale-Eldoret Road, opposite AIC Church Matunda 0759 923 942
Trans Nzoia Endebess Duka Kitale-Suam Road, near Matumbei junction and Endebess bridge 0759 975 344
Trans Nzoia Mudete Duka Opposite Kiminini Police Station 0791 607 984
Uasin Gishu Naiberi Duka Eldoret-Kaptagat road 745383272
Uasin Gishu Lemoock Duka Lemook centre, Soko along Eldoret to Kipkaren Salient road 713717593
Uasin Gishu Burnt Forest Duka Eldoret-Burnt forest road, next to Simba Petrol Station/ Sunking offices 0800723355
Uasin Gishu Chepkoiyo Duka Cheptiret Main campus way, Off Eldoret - Nakuru Highway 0745442393
Uasin Gishu Ngenyilel Duka Kapchepsugunwo Centre, next to Ngenyilel Catholic Church 0702516922
Uasin Gishu Baharini Duka Between Baharini and Maili Nne, opposite Kapyemit Dispensary and next to The Sunset Square Launch 0702208895
Uasin Gishu Chebarusi Duka Chebarusi Centre, opposite Salvation Army along Ziwa Road 0705616819
Uasin Gishu Moiben Duka Moiben-Eldoret Road, near Vision 0759 974 648
Uasin Gishu Kapsaret Duka Kisumu Road, opposite Mega Hotel 0769 724 649
Uasin Gishu Kabenes Duka Kitale-Cherangany Road, between Equatorial and Simba Energy Petrol Stations 0702 532 144


County Location Address Phone
Bungoma Kamukuywa Kamukuywa Kitale rd next to Faith Church 0768746401
Bungoma Nzoia Nzoia Market near Nzoia Community Dispensary 0790437964
Bungoma Panpaper Turbo opposite Pan Paper Company 0797564285
Bungoma Mateka From Mateka Market heading to Buyofu 0745148365
Bungoma Luuya Along Webuye - Malaba road opp Luuya dispensary 0769410571
Bungoma Lunyu Along Lunyu - Naitiri road, at Lunyu Market 0748653489
Bungoma Lukusi Off-Webuye road along Lugulu Lukusi road 0743896295
Bungoma Kuywa Along Chwele Kimilili road 0758511954
Bungoma Kapkateny Kapkateny Mrkt centre 0768347268
Bungoma Kabula Near Mwillo Hardware along Kakamega-Bungoma Road 0748907507
Bungoma Kimwanga Along Eldoret-Malaba Border Highway 0758162546
Bungoma Sang’alo Next to Sangalo Police Post, along Kakamega-Bungoma Rd 0702544967
Bungoma Sirisia Sirisia Junction, along Sirisia-Mayanja Road 0702220529
Bungoma Misikhu Along Kitale-Webuye Road 0702327089
Bungoma Chelelemuk Next to Turkana Min Filling Station, Malaba-Malakisi Rd 0703120099
Bungoma Namwela Namwela Market, on your way to Sirisia 0702796158
Bungoma Kaptama Near Kaptama Police Station, Kamkuya-Kaptama Road 0702526812
Bungoma Mayanja Sirisia Junction, along Sirisia-Bungoma Road 0702197587
Bungoma Kimilili Along Kimilili-Kuywa Road, opposite Genesis Agrovet 0706747269
Bungoma Naitiri Along Turbo-Endebess Road, next to Naitiri Inn Plaza 0707819809
Bungoma Nzoia Nzoia Market, near Nzoia Community Dispensary 0790437964
Bungoma Nasianda N. Next to St. Anne's Nasianda Secondary School 0769952042
Bungoma Pan Paper Turbo, opposite Pan Paper 0797564285
Bungoma Brigadier Brigadier Market, Matunda Road in Soy Sambu 0769842312
Bungoma Bokoli Next to Bokoli Police Station, Bokoli Market 0702232097
Bungoma Chwele Opposite Kenya Police Station along Chwele Kimilili Rd 0769958985
Bungoma Webuye Opposite Catholic Church, Webuye 0769284712
Bungoma Tongaren Mudodo, opposite Sellah Shop, Tongaren 0759430197
Bungoma Nasianda Nasianda market, Nasianda-Busia Road 0796638504
Bungoma Nandolia Opposite Nzoia Factory compound, Bungoma-Webuye Hwy 0759537435
Bungoma Nalondo Next to police station, opposite Nalondo Primary School 0796812883
Bungoma Myanga 0.5km before Myanga Market, Kimaeti-Myanga road 0769069428
Bungoma Malakisi Next to Police Station, opposite Mayflower Building 0759752845
Bungoma Makutano Opposite virtual weighbridge, Kitale-Kapenguria Rd 0759958354
Bungoma Lwakhakha Near Lwakhakha border, Chwele-Lwakhakha road 0796631262
Bungoma Kapsokwony Opposite Majabu Supermarket, Kapsokwony-Kimilili Rd 0705714062
Bungoma Kamkuywa Next to Faith Church, Kamkuywa-Kitale road 0768746401
Bungoma Dorofu Next to cattle market, Dorofu 0791687154
Bungoma Cheptais Opposite Cheptais Vocational Training College, Kapkota Rd 0768403742
Bungoma Bungoma Next to Jesus Teaching Ministry church, Kanduyi-Bungoma Rd 0759018374
Bungoma Bukembe Along Webuye-Bungoma Highway, Bukembe market 0706733070
Busia Matayos Matayos market centre along Kisumu-Busia highway 0707816989
Busia Funyula Within Funyula centre 0702198962
Busia Butula Located in Butula Market 0707822220
Busia Obekai Along Tanga Corner-Akites Road 0706934077
Busia Mungatsi Near St. Benedict's School, Mumias-Busia Road 0706740628
Busia Malaba Opposite Impala parking, Malaba-Bungoma road 0790627403
Busia Busia Along Uganda road, on your way to the weighbridge 0759514388
Busia Bumala Along Kisumu-Busia road, Bumala Town 0797607038
Busia Amukura Near Amukura Mosque, Amukura-Nambale road 0792368573
Kakamega Chegulo Chegulo centre, off Samitsi road 0743895941
Kakamega Mukhonje Along Eldoret-Malaba road 0757481318
Kakamega Koromaiti Opposite Bishop Njenga Girls high school, Lugari road 0743783913
Kakamega Kisia Next to Dr. Kisia primary school 0757436143
Kakamega Lukume Opposite Chief's Office, Lukume market 0768363160
Kakamega Emasatsi Along Ekonjero-Emasatsi Road, Emasatsi Market 0757487244
Kakamega Samitsi Kabras Central in Malaga, Samitsi 0798929353
Kakamega Kilingili Next to Kilingili Shopping Centre 0769952413
Kakamega Ikoli Near Ikoli Primary School, Ikoli Market 0701975470
Kakamega Malaha A few metres from Malaha market, Nambacha road 0706863447
Kakamega Shinyalu Along Khayega-Shinyalu Market Road, Shinyalu area 0707350300
Kakamega Shimanyiro Opposite Ibinzo Girls Secondary School, Kakamega-Webuye Hwy 0707673083
Kakamega Kakunga Opposite Enaji Enterprises, Kakamega-Webuye Hwy 0707664852
Kakamega Mulwanda 1 km from Mulwanda market, Buyangu-Ekero Road 0707221659
Kakamega Soy Along Maili Tisa to Matunda Road, Soy 0705629783
Kakamega Shiatsala Shiatsala Centre, Butere-Shiatsala road 0796636716
Kakamega Shianda Slightly past Shianda Market, Kakamega-Bungoma road 0743479723
Kakamega Mwamba Next to African Divine Church, Eldoret-Malaba road 0768495653
Kakamega Mumias Opposite Niokoe Clinic, Mumias Lukoye 0790861538
Kakamega Malava Next to Holiday Filling Station, Webuye-Kakamega Rd 0790762493
Kakamega Malanga Next to Assistant Chief's Office, Malanga 0759517968
Kakamega Khayega Along Kakamega-Chavakali highway 0769951944
Kakamega Kakamega Next to Kibali timberyard, Kakamega-Mumias road 0111540522
Kakamega Ejinja Along Mumias-Busia road, Ejinja market centre 0791365306
Kakamega Butsotso At Ingotse Mission Junction, Butsotso 0791710463
Kakamega Bukura Opposite Vinny's Hardware, Butere road, Bukura 0791267261
Kakamega Buhuru Along Mumias-Musanda road, Buhuru Centre 0798745289
Vihiga Majengo Opposite Simbi Agro Vet, Majengo-Gisambi road 0748713234
Vihiga Cheptulu A few meters from Upendo Petrol Station, Cheptulu 0748319478
Vihiga Esibuye Along Kima-Musustwi Road, Esibuye Market 0795152487
Vihiga Luanda Opposite New Apostolic Church, Luanda 0769484059
Vihiga Gambogi Along Kakamega-Kisumu Road, Gambogi 0769955270
Vihiga Mudete On the way to Sabatia Eye Hospital, Mudete market 0791607984

How One Acre Fund Works

One Acre Fund's success lies in its strategic approach to supporting farmers. The organization offers asset-based loans, including:

  1. Agricultural Education: Providing farmers with knowledge and training on effective farming techniques.
  2. Seed and Fertilizer Lending: Offering access to high-quality seeds and trusted fertilizers for optimal crop growth.
  3. Farm Input Provision: Supplying farmers with essential inputs required for successful cultivation.
  4. Market Access: Maximizing farmers' profits by helping them connect with reliable markets for their produce.

To benefit from these services, farmers join local One Acre Fund-supported groups. These groups serve as platforms for continuous learning and interaction, guided by field officers who offer expert advice and support.

Impacting Lives and Communities

One Acre Fund's impact extends beyond individual farmers; it reaches entire communities and regions. By 2030, the organization aims to serve 10 million farmers, substantially reducing global poverty. In 2021, One Acre Fund served 3.2 million farmers directly and indirectly, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Ensuring that farmers receive high-quality supplies and timely deliveries involves meticulous planning and logistics. The procurement process begins six months before planting season, securing quality seeds and fertilizers. Fertilizers, sourced globally, are shipped to Mombasa and transported inland to One Acre Fund warehouses. On the other hand, seeds, procured mainly within Africa, undergo thorough testing and quality control. As the planting season approaches, products are stored, and orders are refined based on farmer needs.

One Acre Fund Tupande

To further enhance its impact, One Acre Fund introduced Tupande. This new initiative offers high-quality farm products year-round. Farmers can purchase products from local Tupande dukas, with flexible payment options. This expansion aims to provide faster delivery and improved convenience for farmers across Kenya.

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One Acre Fund's commitment to empowering smallholder farmers in Kenya resonates with its founding principles of expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. By providing access to essential resources, education, and markets, the organization enables farmers to break the cycle of hunger and poverty, creating a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities. As One Acre Fund continues to grow and expand its impact, the story of transformation through agriculture continues to unfold across Kenya's landscapes.

Joseph Richard Joseph Richard is a distinguished contributor to, where he leverages his extensive background in finance, business, and technology to provide insightful guides and analyses. With over a decade of experience in Kenya's dynamic market, Joseph has become a trusted voice in helping individuals navigate complex topics with ease. His work, recognized for its clarity and reliability, spans critical reviews, educational content, and comprehensive guides on making informed decisions in finance and business. Joseph's commitment to empowering Kenyans through accessible information underscores his reputation as a dependable and authoritative figure in the industry