Raila Odinga To Vie For Presidency Come 2022 - Come 2022


Raila Odinga To Vie For Presidency Come 2022 - Come 2022

ODM party Chairman also a member of Suba South Constituency has reiterated that Party Boss Raila Odinga will be among the individuals who will battle it out on the ballot for the presidency seat come 2022. A lot of political tussles had ensued earlier on who will carry the party presidential ticket come 2022. Leaders like Hassan Joh and his Kakamega counterpart Wickliffe Oparanya had earlier declared that they will be among those individuals who will battle for ODM Nomination Presidential Ticket.

The Party Chairman praised his Party boss for being one of the peace-loving Individuals Kenya is blessed to have and supported the  Handshake between Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta for it is because of the handshake between two individual that has brought peace and tranquility in the country and enhanced most development programs that were recently launched by Uhuru Kenyatta during his visit to Kisumu and Bondo before Madaraka day Celebration which was hosted at recently accomplished Kisumu Stadium

Even though Raila Odinga did not submit his application for the party presidential ticket, Mbadi cited that Raila Odinga still has that opportunity to submit his application and nothing is barring him from doing such.

2022 Presidential election is expected to be a highly competitive election race as one of Kenyans top, strong, and Influentials political are expected to battle it out. Speculation is rife that William Ruto might face ODM party leader on the ballot. Though there were claims that the two are planning to re-merge.