Top 10 Richest Women in Kenya In 2024, Sources of Wealth and Net Worth

Discover the inspirational journeys and significant economic influence of the 10 richest women in Kenya 2024, their unique challenges, and outstanding achievements.

Jan 29, 2024 - 12:25
Jan 29, 2024 - 12:29
Top 10 Richest Women in Kenya In 2024, Sources of Wealth and Net Worth
Top 10 Richest Women in Kenya In 2024, Sources of Wealth and Net Worth

Kenya, a vibrant East African nation, has long been a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and economic growth. In 2024, a particularly inspiring aspect of this growth is the remarkable rise of women who have not only carved out significant niches in various sectors but also amassed fortunes that place them among the country's wealthiest individuals. In this article, we dig deeper into the lives of Kenya's top 10 richest women. It is not just about the figures in their bank accounts; it delves deeper into their journeys, the obstacles they've overcome, and the impactful legacies they're building.

Why is it essential to spotlight these women? In a world where gender disparity in business and wealth is a persistent challenge, the stories of these Kenyan women serve as powerful testaments to what can be achieved against the odds. They're not just figures on a rich list; they represent a broader narrative of empowerment, resilience, and the transformative impact of women in leadership roles on Kenya's socio-economic landscape. Their contributions extend beyond personal wealth, influencing the nation’s economy and social welfare and paving the way for future generations of women entrepreneurs. 

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Profiles of the Top 10 Richest Women in Kenya

1. Ngina Kenyatta

Ngina Kenyatta, often revered as the matriarch of one of Kenya's most influential families, stands as a towering figure in the country's economic landscape. Known widely as Mama Ngina, she is the widow of Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first president, and the mother of Uhuru Kenyatta, a former president. Her business interests are vast and varied, encompassing sectors like agriculture, where she has investments in plantations and ranches, and hospitality, with stakes in Heritage Hotels.

Mama Ngina's financial footprint extends into the dairy industry, where she owns stakes in Brookside Dairies, a leading player in the sector. Additionally, her interests include the media company Mediamax and the Commercial Bank of Africa. Her net worth, bolstered by ownership of prime Kenyan land, is estimated at over $1 billion (KSh 110 billion), positioning her as arguably the richest woman in Kenya.

2.Jane Wanjiru Michuki

A legal luminary and a shrewd businesswoman, Jane Wanjiru Michuki has carved out a remarkable niche for herself. She is the managing partner at Kimani and Michuki Advocates, a prominent law firm in Kenya. Her business acumen is reflected in her diverse investment portfolio. Wanjiru holds significant shares in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), particularly in companies like Britam Insurance, where she has a 9.5% stake valued at over KSh 4.5 billion.

Additionally, her shareholding in different companies, including the British-American investment company, has significantly boosted her wealth. Her total net worth is estimated at USD 60 million, making her a prominent figure on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and one of Kenya's wealthiest women.

3. Tabitha Karanja

Tabitha Karanja's journey is a story of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. As the founder and CEO of Keroche Breweries, she has made an indelible mark in a sector predominantly dominated by multinational companies. Keroche Breweries, under her leadership, has grown into a brewing empire, contributing significantly to the Kenyan economy. Her company's annual turnover runs into billions, exemplifying her business prowess.

Tabitha's accolades include being named the Business Woman of the Year at the CNBC Africa All Africa Business Leaders Awards in 2014. Her net worth, reflective of her company's success, places her firmly among Kenya's wealthiest women

4. Margaret Saitoti

Margaret Saitoti, the widow of the late George Saitoti, a prominent Kenyan figure, inherited a considerable fortune upon his passing. George Saitoti was among the richest men in Kenya, and his assets were transferred to Margaret and their adopted child, Zachary Saitoti. While details about her current business activities are limited, her inheritance includes a variety of assets accumulated by her late husband, making her one of the wealthiest women in Kenya.

5.Leah Wanjiku Muguku

Leah Wanjiku Muguku, tied to the late business magnate Nelson Muguku, has a significant presence in Kenya's financial sector. Representing her late husband's estate, she holds a considerable stake in Equity Bank. Her stake in Equity Bank is substantial, with a 0.9% ownership valued at Sh1.6 billion. This was after the family sold shares worth billions following Nelson Muguku's death. Leah Wanjiku's wealth is not just in banking; she has diversified interests, contributing to her position as one of Kenya's wealthiest women.

6.Jane Wangui Njuguna

Jane Wangui Njuguna, the life partner of Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi, is a testament to the power of strategic investment. Her wealth is not merely reflective of her partnership but of her savvy in the financial sector. Wangui owns Ksh. 3.7 billion worth of shares at Equity Bank and Britam. She, alongside James Mwangi, holds the single largest family fortune in Equity Bank. Her investments extend beyond banking; she co-runs Filimbi Limited, a significant shareholder in Britam, further cementing her status as one of Kenya's richest women.

7. Lucy Mwiti & Faith Mwikali

Lucy Mwiti and Faith Mwikali, although not as publicly known as some of their counterparts, have made a mark as top taxpayers in Kenya, indicative of their significant wealth.Classified among Kenya’s High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), their annual income ranges between Ksh. 350 million and Ksh. 1 billion. While specific details about their businesses and investments are not extensively documented, their recognition by the Kenya Revenue Authority underscores their economic significance.

8. Mary Okello

Mary Okello's story is one of pioneering achievements and business success. She made history as the first African woman to become a Branch Manager at Barclays Bank in 1977. Her entrepreneurial journey saw her founding Makini Schools, one of Kenya's most reputable educational institutions. In 2018, she sold 71% of her school to a UK-based firm and another South African company, netting nearly Ksh1 billion. Mary Okello's ventures and the sale of Makini Schools have significantly contributed to her being one of the richest women in Kenya.

9.Dr. Catherine Nyongesa

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa is a distinguished figure in Kenya's medical fraternity. She founded the Texas Cancer Center, making strides in healthcare and cancer treatment in the country. Balancing a demanding career in medicine with personal life, Dr. Nyongesa's day begins at 3.30 a.m., conducting ward rounds in various hospitals, including Kenyatta National Hospital, Mater, and Nairobi West, among others. Her dedication to healthcare and her entrepreneurial spirit in establishing cancer centres have positioned her as one of Kenya's wealthiest women doctors.

10. Cynthia Wandia & Radhika Bhachu

Cynthia Wandia and Radhika Bhachu, co-founders of Kwara and Ndovu, respectively, are making significant contributions to Kenya's tech sector. Cynthia's digital banking platform, Kwara, processes annual transactions worth $420 million (KSh 51.3 billion). Radhika Bhachu's Ndovu, a platform facilitating access to global stock markets, demonstrates her expertise in financial investments. Their entrepreneurial ventures in the tech industry, both successful in raising substantial funds and transforming the fintech landscape, place them among Kenya's richest women.

The Economic Impact of Kenya's Richest Women

The influence of Kenya's richest women extends far beyond their net worth. Their contributions have a ripple effect across various sectors of the economy, influencing market dynamics, employment opportunities, and even socio-cultural norms.

Driving Economic Growth and Innovation

  1. Business Expansion and Job Creation: The business empires these women have built are not just symbols of personal success; they are significant contributors to Kenya's GDP. For instance, Tabitha Karanja's Keroche Breweries and Ngina Kenyatta's investments in agriculture and hospitality have created thousands of jobs, stimulating economic activity in their respective sectors.
  2. Market Diversification: These women have also diversified Kenya's market landscape. Jane Wangui Njuguna's investments in banking and insurance and the tech advancements brought by Cynthia Wandia and Radhika Bhachu have opened up new market segments, promoting a more dynamic economic environment.
  3. Foreign Investment Attraction: The success of these women has put Kenya on the global map as a viable investment destination. The international recognition they have garnered, alongside their business achievements, has attracted foreign investors looking to tap into Kenya's growing market.

Philanthropy and Social Development

  1. Community Projects and CSR: Many of these women have initiated or supported various community projects, either through direct philanthropy or corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Their efforts in areas like education, healthcare, and women's empowerment have significantly contributed to community development.
  2. Empowering Future Generations: By setting up educational institutions like Mary Okello's Makini Schools or Dr Catherine Nyongesa's involvement in healthcare, these women are not just building businesses; they are investing in the future generation, ensuring that the benefits of their success extend well into the future.

Influencing Policy and Business Culture

  1. Advocacy for Women in Business: These women are role models for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Their success stories and the challenges they have overcome provide valuable insights and inspiration for other women looking to enter the business world.
  2. Shaping Business Policies: Their achievements have also influenced policy-making, with some of these women actively involved in advocacy for more supportive business environments, especially for women entrepreneurs. This advocacy is vital in shaping a more inclusive and equitable business landscape in Kenya.

Challenges and Achievements of Kenya's Richest Women

The journey to becoming one of the richest women in Kenya is laced with unique challenges and remarkable achievements. Each of these influential women has navigated a path defined by resilience, strategic decision-making, and an unyielding commitment to their goals. 

Challenges Faced

  1. Gender Bias and Stereotypes: In a business world traditionally dominated by men, these women have had to overcome gender biases and stereotypes. Their success is a testament to their ability to break through these barriers, showcasing their strength and determination.
  2. Economic and Political Turbulence: Kenya, like many countries, has faced economic and political challenges. These women have had to steer their businesses through these turbulent times, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and foresight.
  3. Balancing Personal and Professional Life: Many of these women have had to juggle their family responsibilities with their professional ambitions. This balance is particularly challenging in a society where women are often expected to prioritize family over career.
  4. Access to Capital and Resources: Gaining access to the necessary capital and resources to start and grow their businesses has been a significant hurdle. These women have had to be innovative and resourceful to secure the funding they needed.


  1. Building Business Empires: From Ngina Kenyatta's diverse business interests to Tabitha Karanja's leadership at Keroche Breweries, these women have built and sustained significant business empires, contributing substantially to Kenya's economy.
  2. Social Impact and Philanthropy: Many of these women are not just business leaders but also philanthropists. They have used their wealth and influence to drive social change, support community projects, and empower the next generation of Kenyan women.
  3. Breaking Glass Ceilings: By achieving success in fields often dominated by men, these women have shattered glass ceilings. Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to young girls and women across Kenya and beyond.
  4. International Recognition: Several of these women have received international accolades for their business acumen and leadership skills. This global recognition is not just a personal triumph but also puts Kenya on the map as a country with formidable business leaders.
  5. Advocacy and Policy Influence: Some of these women have leveraged their success to advocate for policies that support women in business. Their influence has contributed to a more inclusive and equitable business environment in Kenya.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kenya's Richest Women

Who is the richest woman in Kenya as of 2024?

    • Ngina Kenyatta, often referred to as Mama Ngina holds this title with an estimated net worth of over $1 billion (KSh 110 billion). Her wealth stems from diverse investments in agriculture, hospitality, and the financial sector​​​​.

What businesses are these wealthy women involved in?

    • These women have interests across various sectors. For example, Tabitha Karanja is the founder and CEO of Keroche Breweries. At the same time, Jane Wanjiru Michuki has significant shareholdings in the Nairobi Securities Exchange, particularly in Britam Insurance. Cynthia Wandia and Radhika Bhachu have made their mark in the tech sector with their companies, Kwara and Ndovu, respectively​​​​​​.

How have these women impacted the Kenyan economy?

    • Their businesses contribute significantly to the GDP through job creation, market diversification, and attracting foreign investment. For instance, Keroche Breweries, under the leadership of Tabitha Karanja, has an annual turnover running into billions, demonstrating a substantial economic contribution​​​​​​.

What challenges did these women face on their journey to wealth?

    • They have navigated challenges such as gender bias, economic and political turbulence, balancing personal and professional life, and accessing capital and resources. These obstacles have tested their resilience and strategic decision-making skills​​.

Are these women involved in philanthropy or social causes?

    • Yes, many of them engage in philanthropy and support community projects. For example, Mary Okello’s investment in education through Makini Schools and Dr. Catherine Nyongesa’s contribution to healthcare through the Texas Cancer Center are notable examples of their social impact​​​​.


The stories of Kenya's top 10 richest women in 2024 are not just narratives of financial success; they are tales of resilience, innovation, and influence. These women have not only built significant wealth but have also played crucial roles in shaping Kenya’s economic landscape. Their journeys highlight the importance of breaking gender barriers, embracing entrepreneurship, and the impactful role women can play in driving economic and social development. As we look towards the future, the achievements and contributions of these women stand as beacons of inspiration, symbolizing the potential of empowered women to catalyze positive change in society. Their legacies extend far beyond their wealth, embodying the spirit of progress and empowerment in Kenya.

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