Safaricom Giga Box: Channels, Price, Bundles, Contacts, and Where to Buy In 2024

Discover the features, channels, pricing, bundles, and more of the Safaricom Giga Box. Make an informed decision about this all-in-one streaming solution

Oct 28, 2023 - 17:32
Jan 31, 2024 - 11:03
Safaricom Giga Box: Channels, Price, Bundles, Contacts, and Where to Buy In 2024
Safaricom Giga Box: Channels, Price, Bundles, Contacts, and Where to Buy In 2024

In today's digital age, streaming has become the go-to method for consuming media content. Whether binge-watching your favourite TV shows or exploring the vast world of online videos, streaming offers options that traditional television can't match. Amidst this sea of streaming choices, the Safaricom Giga Box has emerged as a compelling contender, offering a unique blend of TV channels, internet connectivity, and entertainment options. But is it the right choice for you? In this article, we'll delve into the features, channels, pricing, bundles, and more to help you make an informed decision about the Safaricom Giga Box.

Features of the Safaricom Giga Box:

Before you invest in any home entertainment system, it's essential to understand what it brings to the table. The Safaricom Giga Box offers a range of features that make it a standout option in the world of streaming devices:

  1. Internet Connectivity with WiFi Hotspot: The Giga Box provides a fast and reliable mobile broadband connection through Safaricom's internet service. It supports both 3G and 4G modes, ensuring that you have a seamless online experience tailored to your browsing needs. Additionally, it boasts a WiFi hotspot feature, allowing you to connect all your wireless devices to the internet effortlessly.
  2. Set-Top Box TV with Free-to-Air Local Channels: In a digital TV landscape, the Giga Box stands out by offering access to 60 free-to-air local channels, including popular stations such as KBC, NTV, KTN, CITIZEN, K24, and KISS TV. It's a fantastic way to enjoy quality local content without subscription fees. Moreover, the box comes pre-installed with additional news and entertainment channels, including Showmax, Kwese, France 24, and more.
  3. Miracast Function: The Miracast feature transforms your Giga Box into a central entertainment hub. With Miracast, you can effortlessly project movies, music, and videos from various devices like smartphones, tablets, iPods, and laptops onto your TV screen, creating a unified entertainment experience.
  4. Gaming: Gaming enthusiasts will be delighted to discover that the Giga Box opens the doors to a world of gaming. Whether you're into games, gaming videos, or live gaming sessions, this device offers various gaming options. You can even install your favourite games and play them from the comfort of your living room.
  5. Android Operating System: The Safaricom Giga Box is powered by the Android operating system, effectively transforming your regular TV into a smart Android TV. This integration offers additional features, including premium entertainment content, Google Cast, and Google Assistant. Furthermore, the device gives you access to the Google Play Store, where you can download many applications, from entertainment and streaming to gaming apps.
  6. Personal Video Recorder (PVR): With a built-in 32GB storage capacity and a video recording function, the Giga Box allows you to record and playback your favourite movies and videos atconvenientlyAdditionally, the system supports SD cards and USB drives, allowing you to extend your storage capacity.

Channels Offered by the Safaricom Giga Box:

The channels offered by the Safaricom Giga Box are a crucial consideration when evaluating this digital TV box. Here's a breakdown of the various local channels available:

  • KBC
  • Citizen
  • KTN
  • NTV
  • K24
  • Kiss TV
  • Kingdom TV
  • Hope TV
  • Express Live TV
  • Family TV
  • Youth TV
  • Kass
  • 3Stones TV
  • QTV
  • Sayare TV
  • Fountain TV
  • EATV
  • Property TV
  • Vision TV
  • UTV
  • GOD TV
  • Dove TV
  • ITV
  • EDU TV and more

As you can see, the Safaricom Giga Box offers an extensive selection of local channels catering to diverse preferences and interests.

Safaricom Giga Box Pricing and Bundles:

Understanding the pricing and available bundles is essential when deciding whether to invest in the Safaricom Giga Box. Here's a breakdown of the pricing and bundle options:

  • Safaricom Giga Box Price: The Safaricom Giga Box is priced at Ksh. 9,999. However, there may be promotional offers available at times, so it's worth checking for discounts.
  • Bundle Options: Safaricom offers a range of data bundles designed explicitly for the Giga Box to ensure a seamless streaming experience. Here are some of the available bundle options:
    • Easy 50 Bundle: This bundle provides 50GB of data for Ksh. 6,000 and is valid for 45 days.
    • Easy 30 Bundle: With 30GB of data, this bundle costs Ksh. 3,500 and has a validity period of 30 days.
    • 15GB Bundle: Offering 15GB of data, this bundle is priced at Ksh. 3,199 and is valid for 30 days.
    • 5GB Bundle: If you're looking for a smaller data option, the 5GB bundle is available for Ksh. 1,199, and it also has a 30-day validity period.

Additionally, when you purchase the Safaricom Giga Box, you may be eligible for promotional offers such as a discounted price of Ksh—5,999 and three months of free subscription to Showmax.

Safaricom Giga Box Specifications:

Safaricom Giga Box Specifications

To give you a better understanding of the Safaricom Giga Box, here are some key specifications:

  • Processor: Quadcore Processor
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Storage: 32GB Internal Storage
  • Operating System: Android 7 Nougat
  • Network: 4G/LTE Support
  • Additional Features: WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth Low Energy, in-built Chromecast (now Google Cast), DVB-T2 Receiver for Free-to-air channels, DLNA Support
  • Price: Ksh. 9,999 (Please note that prices may vary, and it's advisable to check for the latest pricing and offers.)

Setting Up Your Safaricom Giga Box:

Setting up your Safaricom Giga Box is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Connect to Your TV: Connect your Giga Box to your TV using either an HDMI cable or the included AV cable. Ensure your TV is set to the correct input source (HDMI or AV).
  2. Power On Plug the Giga Box into a power source and turn it on. Follow the on-screen instructions for the initial setup.
  3. Connect to WiFi or Ethernet: Choose whether to connect to WiFi or use an Ethernet cable to establish an internet connection. Follow the prompts to configure your network settings.
  4. Sign in with Google: Use your Google account to access the Google Play Store and other Android features.
  5. Download Apps: Once signed in, you can browse and download apps from the Google Play Store to customize your entertainment experience.

Setting up the Safaricom Giga Box is user-friendly and does not require extensive technical knowledge.

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In conclusion, the Safaricom Giga Box offers a versatile and feature-rich streaming experience, combining TV channels, internet connectivity, and entertainment options. With a range of affordable bundles and an easy setup process, it's a valuable addition to any home entertainment system. Whether you're a gaming enthusiast, a movie buff, or a fan of local channels, the Giga Box has something to offer. Consider your streaming needs and preferences to determine if the Safaricom Giga Box is the right choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I use the Safaricom Giga Box without an internet connection?

    • Yes, the Giga Box allows you to access free-to-air local channels without an internet connection. However, for streaming and additional features, an internet connection is recommended.

Can I expand the storage capacity of the Giga Box?

    • Yes, the Giga Box supports external storage options, including SD cards and USB drives, allowing you to expand your storage capacity as needed.

Is Netflix available on the Safaricom Giga Box?

    • Currently, Netflix is not supported on the Giga Box due to certification restrictions. However, you can enjoy many other streaming apps on the Google Play Store.

What is the advantage of using the Giga Box's Miracast function?

    • The Miracast function lets you project content from various devices onto your TV screen, creating a centralized entertainment hub. It's perfect for sharing movies, music, and videos with friends and family.

How can I purchase Safaricom Giga Box bundles?

    • You can purchase Safaricom Giga Box bundles by dialling *400# and selecting the relevant options. Follow the prompts to choose your preferred bundle and payment method.

What is the recommended internet speed for optimal streaming on the Giga Box?

    • For smooth streaming and a high-quality viewing experience, it's recommended to have a reliable internet connection with speeds of at least 3Mbps.

Can I play 4K videos on the Safaricom Giga Box?

    • Yes, the Giga Box is capable of playing 4K videos. It offers a smooth 4K streaming experience, enhancing your visual enjoyment.
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