Top 10 Seed and Seedling Companies in Kenya For 2024

Are you looking for the best Seed and Seedling Companies in Kenya? in this guide we explore industry leaders, innovative practices, and specialized contributions to agriculture

Jan 29, 2024 - 11:30
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Top 10 Seed and Seedling Companies in Kenya For 2024
Top 10 Seed and Seedling Companies in Kenya For 2024

Kenya, a country renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, paints a picture of a nation deeply rooted in the cultivation of the land. As of 2024, the agricultural sector continues to be a cornerstone of Kenya's economy, contributing significantly to the nation's GDP, employment, and food security. At the heart of this green revolution are the seeds - the tiny yet mighty catalysts of agricultural prosperity. In this context, the role of seed and seedling companies cannot be overstated, as they are the unsung heroes fueling Kenya's agrarian dreams.

This blog post delves into the top 10 seed and seedling companies in Kenya, shedding light on the enterprises that are at the forefront of agricultural innovation and sustainability. We embark on a journey to explore these companies, each with its unique story, product offerings, and impact on the Kenyan farming landscape. These companies are not just business entities; they are the bedrock upon which the nation's food security and agricultural advancement rest. From the established giants that have weathered decades of change to the innovative newcomers injecting fresh ideas into the sector, we will uncover the diverse tapestry that makes up this vital industry.

In doing so, we aim to provide not just names and facts but a deeper understanding of what each company brings to the table – their history, their specialities, and their contribution to Kenya’s agricultural narrative. Whether you're a small-scale farmer looking for quality seeds, an agri-business enthusiast keen on understanding the market dynamics, or simply someone interested in the agricultural heartbeat of Kenya, this post promises to be an enlightening journey through the world of seeds and seedlings. 

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Leading Seed and Seedling Companies in Kenya

1. Kenya Seed Company

Founded with the mission to support Kenyan farmers, the Kenya Seed Company has grown to become a key player in the nation's agricultural sector. Specializing in a diverse range of crops, from maize and wheat to horticultural plants, this company has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality seeds. Its history dates back several decades, reflecting a deep-rooted commitment to agricultural development in Kenya.

Key Products and Services

  • Crop Diversity: The company offers a vast array of seed varieties, including staple crops like maize, which is a critical component of Kenya's food security.
  • Research and Development: Emphasizing innovation, they invest heavily in research to produce seeds that are resilient and high-yielding, especially crucial in the face of climate change challenges.

Contact and Location

Kenya Seed Company Limited can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Address: P.O. Box 553 – 30200, Mbegu Plaza, Kijana Wamalwa Street, next to NCPB, Kitale, Kenya.
  • Phone: Safaricom Line: +254 722 205 144 or +254 726 141 856, Airtel Line: +254 739 480 663 or +254 739 034 729.
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: @kseed.
  • Twitter: @kenyaseedltd.

2. Kenya Highland Seed (Royal Seed)

Since its inception in 2000, Kenya Highland Seed, known as Royal Seed, has been a beacon of quality and innovation in the Kenyan seed industry. Their product range is diverse, catering to both large-scale and smallholder farmers.

Company Profile and Seed Varieties

  • Diverse Portfolio: The company boasts an extensive catalogue of seeds, including vegetables like tomatoes and kale, which are staples in Kenyan cuisine.
  • Quality Assurance: Royal Seed is known for its rigorous quality control, ensuring that farmers receive seeds that are genetically pure and have high germination rates.

Contact and Location

The company's headquarters is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and it has representatives in Tanzania and Uganda. For direct contact, the company can be reached at +254 725 549 997 or through email at

3. Simlaw Seeds

Simlaw Seeds, a subsidiary of the Kenya Seed Company, has carved out its niche in the Kenyan seed market by focusing on the production and distribution of superior vegetable seeds.

Company Mission and Range of Seeds

  • Focused on Vegetables: Their specialization in vegetables has made them a go-to source for seeds like onions, peppers, and carrots.
  • Commitment to Quality: They prioritize the production of high-grade seeds, enhancing the quality of vegetable crops grown in Kenya.

Contact and Location

Simlaw Seeds can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Address: P.O. Box 40042-00100, Kijabe Street, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Phone: +254 (20) 2215067 / 83, +254 (20) 2602191 / 93, +254 722 200545, +254 734 811861.
  • Email:
  • Website:

Innovative and Emerging Players in Kenya's Seed Industry

4. Syngenta Kenya

A subsidiary of a global agribusiness giant, Syngenta Kenya stands out for its innovative approach to seed technology and distribution. Established as a key player in the Kenyan agricultural sector, Syngenta focuses on providing a variety of high-quality seeds along with other vital agri inputs.

Multinational Presence and Product Range

  • Global Expertise, Local Application: Leveraging worldwide research and development, Syngenta brings advanced seed technology to Kenyan farmers.
  • Comprehensive Product Line: Their portfolio includes vegetable seeds, hybrid maize, and essential agrochemicals, addressing a broad spectrum of farming needs.

Contact and Location

Syngenta in Kenya can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Technical Enquiries Helpline: Available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. General enquiries can be made via phone at +254 703 018 263 or +254 703 019 263 or through email at
  • Postal Address: P.O Box 30393 - 00100, Nairobi.
  • Physical Address: Rose Avenue 2633, Nairobi, 00100, Kenya.
  • Crop Advisor for the West of the Rift Region: Contact for this region can be made at +254 723519724.

5. Freshco Seeds Kenya

Founded in 2000, Freshco Seeds Kenya has swiftly risen to prominence within the Kenyan agricultural sector. Their commitment to quality seed production and distribution has made them a favoured choice among farmers.

Company Establishment and Growth

  • From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader: Freshco's journey is marked by steady growth and an expanding footprint in East and Central Africa.
  • Focus on High-Quality Seeds: They specialize in processing and distributing seeds that meet stringent quality standards, ensuring better crop yields.

Contact and Location

Freshco Seeds Kenya can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Address: Wambui Road, Off Kiambu Road, Muthaiga, Nairobi.
  • Phone: 0723 550 653 or 0733 732 243.

6. Amiran Kenya Ltd

Amiran Kenya Ltd transcends traditional seed company boundaries by offering a comprehensive range of agricultural solutions. This includes not only seed production but also the distribution of farming equipment and technology.

Agricultural Solutions Beyond Seeds

  • Integrated Farming Solutions: Amiran provides a holistic approach to agriculture, offering everything from seeds to greenhouse technology.
  • Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency: Their products and services are designed to increase efficiency and productivity on Kenyan farms.

Contact and Location

Amiran Kenya Ltd can be contacted through the following channels:

Niche and Specialized Companies in Kenya's Seed Industry

7. East African Seed Co, Ltd

An integral part of Kenya's seed sector, East African Seed Co, Ltd, specializes in producing a wide range of agricultural seeds. Their focus on both research and distribution sets them apart as a significant contributor to the industry.

Seed Production and Research Activities

  • Wide Range of Seeds: They offer an array of seeds, including those for staple crops and vegetables, tailored to meet the diverse needs of Kenyan farmers.
  • Commitment to Research: Their involvement in seed research ensures the development of varieties that are resilient and suitable for various Kenyan climates.

Contact and Location

East African Seed Co, Ltd can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Physical Address: Dakar Road, Industrial Area, P.O. Box 45125 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Phone: 020 - 652104/2/3/ 555356 / 555369.

8. Premier Seed Limited

Premier Seed Limited has carved a niche in Kenya's seed industry, particularly in the business of vegetable seed distribution. They are known for their high-quality, organic, and hybrid seeds.

Focus on Vegetable Seed Distribution

  • Specialized Portfolio: Their specialization in vegetable seeds has made them a preferred choice for Kenyan farmers focused on horticulture.
  • Organic and Hybrid Seeds: By offering both organic and hybrid options, they cater to a broad spectrum of farming preferences and practices.

Contact and Location

Premier Seed Limited in Kenya can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Phone: +254 733 468 574, +254 202 171 416, +254 512 213 556.
  • Address: 16437-20100, Nakuru, Kenya.

9. Elgon Kenya Ltd

Elgon Kenya Ltd is one of Kenya's largest agri-input supply companies, with a significant presence in the floriculture sector. Their extensive range of products meets almost 90% of farm agri-input needs.

The scale of Operations and Product Diversity

  • Comprehensive Range: Their product range includes seeds, fertilizers, and other agricultural inputs, catering to a wide array of farming needs.
  • Floriculture Specialty: Elgon's significant role in the floriculture industry showcases its capacity to meet specialized agricultural requirements.

Contact and Location

Elgon Kenya Ltd can be contacted through the following channels:

10.AgriTech Seedlings

AgriTech Seedlings, a subsidiary of KL Ventures Limited, is a unique player in the Kenyan seed industry, focusing on seedling propagation. Their services cater to a wide range of farmers, from large-scale to kitchen gardens.

Independent Seedling Propagation Unit

  • Diverse Seedling Range: They propagate seedlings of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and trees, meeting the needs of various farming scales and types.
  • Expertise in Seedling Production: Their team's expertise ensures the production of healthy, robust seedlings crucial for successful crop cultivation.

Contact and Location

AgriTech Seedlings in Kenya can be contacted through the following channels:

  • Address: BOX 335-10303, Wang'uru, Kenya.
  • Phone: +254798243616.
  • Email: No specific email is provided in the search results.
  • Website

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Seed Company?

    • Quality and Variety: Look for companies offering a wide range of high-quality seeds that suit your specific climate and soil conditions.
    • Support and Services: Consider companies that provide agricultural extension services, technical support, and customer care.
    • Market Reputation: Research the company’s reputation among local farmers and in the industry.

How Do Seed Companies Impact Agricultural Productivity?

    • Seed Quality: High-quality seeds lead to better germination rates, healthier crops, and higher yields.
    • Innovation in Seed Technology: Companies investing in research contribute to developing seeds that are disease-resistant and adaptable to changing climatic conditions.

Can I Access Organic and Hybrid Seeds in Kenya?

    • Availability: Most top seed companies in Kenya, like Premier Seed Limited, offer a range of organic and hybrid seeds, catering to diverse farming practices and preferences.

What Role Do These Companies Play in Kenya’s Economy?

    • Economic Contribution: The seed industry is crucial for agricultural productivity, which is a significant component of Kenya's GDP. Companies like Elgon Kenya Ltd contribute not just to local agriculture but also to considerable export markets like floriculture.

Are There Companies Specializing in Specific Types of Seeds?

    • Specialization: Yes, some companies specialize in certain seed types. For example, AgriTech Seedlings focuses on seedling propagation, offering a variety of seedlings for vegetables, herbs, fruits, and trees.


The exploration of the top 10 seed and seedling companies in Kenya in 2024 reveals a dynamic and evolving industry critical to the nation's agricultural success. These companies, through their dedication to quality, innovation, and farmer support, play a pivotal role in ensuring food security and economic stability in Kenya. From industry giants like Kenya Seed Company to specialized entities like AgriTech Seedlings, each contributes uniquely to the agricultural tapestry of Kenya.

 The agriculture sector, bolstered by these companies, contributes significantly to Kenya's GDP and employment. High-quality seeds from these companies have led to improved crop yields, with some regions reporting yield increases of up to 30%. The floriculture sector, supported by companies like Elgon Kenya Ltd, has seen a steady increase in export volumes and revenues, contributing to Kenya's foreign exchange earnings.

As we conclude, it is evident that the choice of a seed company is not just a decision for the farmer; it's a choice that impacts the entire chain of food production and distribution. These top 10 companies, with their diverse offerings, are more than mere suppliers of seeds; they are partners in the journey towards a sustainable, prosperous agricultural future for Kenya.

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