Simple Dinner Table Setting Ideas

Your loved ones, colleagues or business associates give you a call saying, "Can we have dinner at your place?" All of a sudden, your heart starts racing because they have caught you unexpectedly. You want to impress them so that they feel welcome at your place. However, you have no idea how to set your dinner table to show them gratitude for wanting to spend some time in your house. How do you set a dinner table correctly?

Simple Dinner Table Setting Ideas

Should you do the formal, casual, buffet fine or pizzeria table set up? Take a deep breath and calm down. You have enough time to come up with a simple dinner table set up. It does not have to be fancy. Who needs a fancy dinner set up if the food is not delicious and enough for everyone. Prepare a menu and come back to table preparations later. Do you have your menu? Great. Now, here are simple dinner table setting ideas that will save you. 

1. The grey and white dinner setting

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It is as easy as it looks. Here is how to set up your dinner table on sad occasions. The colours are not popping out, which sets a comforting atmosphere in the dining room. Bright and flashy colours get people excited. In this case, no one is excited, and that is fine. Someday will come when you gather at the dinner table to celebrate.

2. Snow white dinner table setting

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The all-white dinner setting style is the best for wedding receptions. It looks so lovely, right? Who would not love to have their wedding reception filled with white utensils and cutlery? It makes the guests feel comfortable because everything on the table shows that their hosts considered top-notch hygiene.

3. Valentine's dinner table setting

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Picture yourself decorating your dinner table with red utensils for couples' dinner date at your place. The red colour makes the guests feel the passion flowing in the air. It can also be a dinner set up for your family and close friends.

4. Multi-colored dinner setting

Image source: @vaisselle_turquie_kahyalar

For the free-spirited individuals who do like confining themselves within rules, here is a dinner table setting designs for you. Do you have any casual table setting ideas in mind? Play around with colours but be keen not to add many colours to your table. Two or three colours are enough for this style. More than three colours make the table look so busy, which is a little distracting to your guests.

5. Rose-themed dinner table setting

Image source: @vaisselle_turquie_kahyalar

The floral-patterned dinner table setting is perfect for any occasion. Almost everyone in the world loves flowers but not necessarily roses. You do not have to use rose-patterned utensils. Use whatever you have in your house. Mix up different flower patterns to make the table look even more beautiful.

6. Pinky night dinner set

Image source: @vaisselle_turquie_kahyalar

It is a girls' night out! So, how do you set the table for the dinner party? You have found the best colours to use on your dinner table. Pink and girls are meant for each other. How about you do this for your children's playdates? The children will absolutely love it. Pink makes the heart forget all its sorrows for a while. Whenever you desire to put smiles on your guests' faces, always consider using pink. 

7. Animal print dinner table setting

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You will never regret using animal prints on your dinner table. Show your future in-laws your love for animals or pets using this dinner table setting style. Do you think they will notice your wifey characters when you use this tactic? Of course, they will, especially if you are getting married in an African home.

8. The blue dinner table setting

Image source: @vaisselle_turquie_kahyalar

Adorn your table with blue when celebrating your graduation, job promotion, winning a business tender, and so on. The sky is the limit! Set a formal dinner table with blue for it makes everyone feel the celebration mood. A formal dinner requires such a dinner table setting.

Frequently asked questions

Now that you have learned several table setting ideas for home, you must be wondering;

1. Which brand is best for dinner set?

There are several of them. Here are some best dinnerware brands in Kenya:

  • LaOpala
  • Joy Home
  • Cello
  • Piegon
  • Vera Wang
  • Rachael Ray
  • Paula Deen
  • Homer Laughlin
  • Lenox
  • Spode
  • Kitchen pro
  • Eagleware
  • Borosil
  • Nayasa
  • Corelle
  • Diva

2. Where can buy beautiful dinner sets?

If you are in Kenya, here are dinnerware online sellers:

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