Sony WH-1000Xm5 Review: Design, New Features, Specifications, and Price in Kenya

The iconic Sony WH-1000X formula is back! In recent years, the noise-canceling Bluetooth headset has transformed the genre that was still concerned about the Bluetooth portion and competition far from giving such a degree of sound insulation. The Sony WH-1000Xm5 has the chance to follow up on the vintage yet excellent WH-1000Xm4 with a knockout performance.

May 24, 2022 - 12:09
Jan 18, 2023 - 11:47
Sony WH-1000Xm5 Review: Design, New Features, Specifications, and Price in Kenya
Sony WH-1000Xm5 Review: Design, New Features, Specifications, and Price in Kenya

The brand does not cut corners, completely reworking the design and optimizing the technology approach of its WH-1000X. Is that enough to warrant the price hike, and should you buy it in Kenya? That's what we'll observe in this Review and then leave it for you to decide.

What is in the Box

  • Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones
  • A carrying case,
  • headphone cable
  • USB charging cable.

Sony WH-1000Xm5 Full specifications

Microphone Yes
Driver Type Dynamic
Driver Size (mm) 30
Number of Drivers 2
Connector Size 3.5mm
Weight (g) 250.00
Impedance (Ohms) 48
Sensitivity (dB) 102
Frequency Response Range 4Hz-40,000Hz
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Version 5.2
Bluetooth Codec Support SBC,AAC,LDAC
2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity Yes
Bluetooth range (Metres) 10

Charging Port USB Type-C
Charging Time (Hrs) 3.5
Battery Life (Hrs) 30


The Sony Wh-1000Xm5's design will certainly irritate brand aficionados. The design of this WH-1000Xm5 is unusual, yet it works since it is lighter than the other models in the almost aerial range. The most notable modification is the incorporation of a substantially thinner temples + headband combination, coupled to the helmet via the top of the elliptical shells. This in-shell hanging mechanism allows for considerably more discretion and elegance, but it also takes up space in the shell's volume, necessitating certain sacrifices, especially on the size of the transducer.

The helmet can no longer be folded with this new design; it can only be laid flat. This flat stance is only carried out forward by default. It isn't easy to fold the earcups towards the body when wearing the headset around the neck only outward. Sony has created a hard carrying case, similar to Bose's Headphones 700, that may somewhat flatten when empty.

The WH-1000Xm5 makes almost no compromises in terms of comfort. If the pressure is too great, your ears will have headaches, but this is not the case here. Naturally, it depends on the users. Everything else is fantastic. The pads are a little thinner, but the aeration is nearly nil, and pressure on the ears remains the same. 


Sony has traditionally had a preference for a touch over buttons. The company opts for a touch area on the right hull for all navigation controls. With a double touch, you can stop and replay music, control the volume with a vertical swipe, and navigate among the songs with a horizontal swipe. Furthermore, like with the WH-1000Xm4, you may still activate the Ambient mode by covering the dish shell with your palm and lowering the volume to 0. This mode seems to be significantly more responsive than the previous one.

Of course, the game retains a doublet of buttons on the left edge. The first, which is shorter, enables on/off switching, pairing, and charge level indication (short press). The second enables you to select between several noise reduction options. Only ANC and Ambient Sound modes are accessible by default. However, you may add the ANC off the option to this list under the Sony Headphones application's settings.

The Sony Headphones app, as usual, is at the centre of the experience, which varies significantly from Bose and Sony in terms of settings and customizations. When it comes to ANC automation, sound and ergonomic settings, and so on, almost everything is conceivable.

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Battery Life

In terms of battery life, Sony hasn't guaranteed anything more than the WH-1000Xm4, so expect 30 hours in ANC mode and 40 hours without ANC. Under the AAC codec from most reviewers, you can get roughly 30 hours of usage in ANC (a bit more on iPhones than on Android smartphones). The LDAC codec will degrade battery life by a few hours (usually 25 or 30 percent on a Bluetooth headset).

As a result, the performance is not the finest on the market, but it is still above average. On this crucial aspect, Sony easily outperforms Apple and Bose. Another benefit is the quick charging, which enables you to reclaim almost 3 hours of autonomy after just 3 minutes of charge.


If we declared that the design is the sole main innovation of the product, we'd be using improper terminology. After more than four years of inaction, Sony has finally included a fresh new transducer. Honestly, during the products launch event, I was anticipating the brand to correct the record and display its audiophile expertise. Instead, Sony is shifting away from the normal 40 mm transducer and toward a smaller 30 mm transducer (surface area 1.77 times smaller), which is often designated for entry-level devices.

Of course, the manufacturer is attempting to reassure the public by claiming that their transducer is more high-end, owing to the usage of a new carbon fiber-covered membrane.

The Opinion of

We were definitely expecting a large player to resurrect the sound of ANC headphones, which had been dormant for a few years, but that will not be the case today. Yes, Sony is still the greatest, but only because there isn't a better option. The headphones go for around ksh 46,638 in silver and Black colors as of the writing of this article.

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