TED Will Present Exclusive Content in the Clubhouse

The 'interactive podcast' format that the Clubhouse popularized can no longer be said to be exclusive. The social audio app's competitors are not just one now, but three at a time, and all come from big companies: Twitter Spaces, Spotify Greenroom, and Facebook Live Audio Room.

TED Will Present Exclusive Content in the Clubhouse
TED on clubhouse

At this point, the Clubhouse needs new ammunition to stay relevant. One of the things they've prepared is exclusive content. Not from just any creator, but rather what TED presents. Recently, the two companies have signed a cooperation contract so that TED can present exclusive audio content in the Clubhouse.


The first content is "Thank Your Ass Off," which will be broadcast weekly every Monday at 22.00 WIB starting July 12. Other content will soon follow in the future, and all of them will undoubtedly be presented through TED's official account in the Clubhouse.


To The Verge, a Clubhouse representative explained that TED is free to sell ads or sponsorships on its content, and the Clubhouse will result in no profit from it. The big-name and popularity of TED is arguably already quite profitable for the Clubhouse in the heat of the social audio platform.

For perspective, TED launched its podcast network last February, and they claim its collection of content is downloaded 1.65 million times daily by users worldwide. On Spotify, TED Talks Daily is the second most popular podcast after The Joe Rogan Experience throughout 2020.

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Create your own TED. The Clubhouse can undoubtedly be an alternative platform to present more interactive audio content, such as live Q&A sessions, which is impossible to realize through traditional podcast formats. Incidentally, clubhouses are also quite often compared to TED concerning the many inspiring live sessions.

In the end, both parties will benefit thanks to this cooperation equally, and we, as users, will certainly not reject the existence of extra quality content. Will clubhouse competitor platforms take similar steps and bring exclusive content in the future? Let's wait.