Telegram: Group video calls and animated backgrounds introduced

Telegram introduces two major innovations with the latest update: group video calls and animated backgrounds for the chats. First, let's stick to the group video calls. While there is no limit for pure audio participants in group calls, video is currently only available for the first 30 people to join. However, according to Telegram, this limit will soon increase.

Telegram: Group video calls and animated backgrounds introduced

 jn addition to the camera image, you can also share the screen or both at the same time. Telegram wants to have improved background noise suppression in the same breath. Voice chats on the desktop now also open in their own window, so you can type and talk without having to minimize anything. The desktop programs also have selective screen sharing, so individual programs are transferable instead of the whole screen. When using the desktop version, anyone who starts sharing their screen will be pinned automatically.

In addition, as mentioned at the beginning, animated backgrounds are now added. The multi-colored gradient backgrounds are algorithmically generated and move with every message you send. The animations have been added to all default color themes. Animated backgrounds can now be found in the settings. Android: Chat Settings > Change chat background. iOS: Appearance > Change Wallpaper. However, according to Telegram, you can also create your own animated backgrounds. Choose three or four colors to unlock the animation. Then adds an optional pattern.


There are also new animations: Stickers and emojis hop from the keyboard into the chat. For iOS, this also applies to media sent from the Paperclip menu and even text messages. For iOS, backgrounds are now partially visible through the header and footer in chats, giving the interface a new coat of paint.

In addition, it has made it easier to communicate with bots by adding a special menu button that allows you to browse and send commands. Bots can also change the placeholder in the input field to give a better idea of what kind of message they expect. Bot developers can create commands that change based on a user's interface language and chat type, as well as special commands that appear only in specific chats or for admins. New animated emojis have also been added, which you can now use in Telegram-have fun!