The new m-Pesa app free: You Can achieve these Functionalities for free

Safaricom is a well-known Application not only in Kenya but across Africa. Thankfully  Safaricom has now expanded its operation to Ethiopia. In addition, In Kenya alone, Safaricom is approximated to have more than 35.6 million users, making it the number one mobile phone operator due to its best services such as the Mpesa app(Mobile banking platform) and the newly my-Safaricom App as compared to its direct competitors such as Airtel and Telkom. Today we shall take a look at what the M-Pesa Application offers to most Kenyans.

The new m-Pesa app free: You Can achieve these Functionalities for free

 The M-Pesa app is handy to many Kenyans, especially with how technologies keep reinventing themselves year after year. However, when writing this article, the application from Safaricom is still at its Beta Preview(To get a better version of the App, please visit this link). Anyway, without many appraisals on this App, this is what it offers so far:


FingerPrints validation

 When you first get the App from the Google PlayStore, The App will require registration using your respective mobile network(That should be Safaricom, of course). After logging, you will be presented with fingerprint or face scanning to use it as your password, unlike Old school method where you were required to using four digits to sign in. This is very advantageous for many users as it helps avoid mpesa fraud supposed One gets to know your login details.

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No one can know your wallet Balance

When signing up to websites of your choice, Modern websites usually hide your passwords but still give you an option to view them using an eye icon next to it. Similarly, this is what the new Mpesa app allows you to with your Balances.


You can not only send Money but also request for Money

 For many, this functionality will be handy for the time one uses to request Money from their guardians, brothers or sisters. To achieve this, enter the number you would like to receive Cash from and hit send and wait for the magic to happen.

 Send Cash to more people instead of One

 Instead of wasting your gracious time by sending Money to different people, the App now, at the time of writing this article, allows you to Send Money to at least two people but not exceeding five people. However, please note that Safaricom will still charge you the transaction fee for five people but not one.

 Known Paybill Numbers

 This new App is fantastic. As for now, Safaricom saves you the time of memorizing pay bills to popular services such as KPLC, or even Water services and DSTV. In addition, the Apps allow you to look for other services that you want to pay for using the Search Bar option.

 Tracking Your Expenses

 Unfortunately, this is not handy to feature, but still, it's pretty helpful. Why? The App is only limited to tracking your transaction history to come up with a summary of how much Money you have utilized at the time when you want to see how much you have spent

 Out of Data: No worry

Have you just run out of data, and you need to perform simple actions such as sending Cash. Don't worry. This where the App becomes so much helpful, as you can still use it even when you have run out of data

To use this feature:

  1. Navigate to settings
  2. Below authentication, you will see an offline mode.

 That is what Safaricom presents to us currently. I hope that this App will serve you best