Top 7 YouTube Channels in Kenya to watch

Do you love YouTube videos? If yes, what is your favourite channel? Kenya has many channels with top-notch content. Kenyan vloggers are making globally standard scandals and educative videos. Everyone knows by now that clout-chasing is a major strategy for gaining popularity and views on YouTube. However, some scandals and events Kenya YouTubers post are real-life incidences.

Top 7 YouTube Channels in Kenya to watch

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Unpreventable situations force some Kenyan YouTubers and celebrities to clear things about their private lives with their fans. These reputation cleansing videos make Kenyan YouTube more fun. It could not get better than this. Be assured that you will love these seven most-viewed YouTube channels in Kenya.

1. Tuko

Tuko talks is a humanitarian channel hosted by the ever-smiling and humble Lynn Ngugi. The show centres on social issues like abusive marriages, children's rights, and more. Furthermore, Lynn Tuko host runs a personal channel, and it is doing great.

2. Edgar Obare

Whenever you mention "Edgar Obare" in Kenya, everyone around you will remember all the celebrity scandals he brought to the limelight. The tea-master has been fixing the nation by exposing infidelities in celebrity marriages, scammers, and more shocking incidences. You would not want to miss Edgar's creamy and sweet tea served hot straight from the kitchen. However, watch out because you might get burnt someday too. Obare has faced multiple lawsuits and is considering taking a break from his celebrity expose show claiming "unlawful arrests".

2. Bahati and Diana Marua

The Bahati Kenya channel has 618K subscribers and over 1.32 million views as of 23rd May 2021. Bahati is known for his melodious voice. His Christian music fans demanded he returns to his roots, but the artist followed his heart and ventured into secular music.

Bahati has managed to maintain a massive following from both the secular and Christian music world over the years. His lovely wife, Diana, is the backbone of his success. Bahati's fans objected to him marrying Diana at the beginning but gradually fell in love with her when they got to know her better through the Diana Bahati channel. The couple released a beautiful song about their marriage.

3. Bahati and Georgina Njenga

Kenya cannot wait for the former Citizen TV's Machachari show actor to ties knows with his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga. They have been "couples' goals" ever since Baha Machachari introduced her as the love of his love on his Instagram page. The duo's prank videos have over 2 million views. You can take a look at them on Georgina Njenga's channel. Here is one of theirs best videos:

4. Mammito Eunice 

Mammito is Kenya's queen of comedy. The famous actress, comedian, writer and emcee has over 8 million views. Eunice became famous countrywide by performing on NTV's comedy show called Churchill Show. Her YouTube and Instagram short skits have made her a household name in entire East Africa. 

Eunice never planned to pursue comedy as a career. She got a Diploma in Community Development from Mount Kenya University (MKU) but could not find a job after graduating. The young lady decided to audition for Churchill Show, and the rest is history. Eunice is dating a former Churchill Show colleague named Butita.

5. WaJesus family

The WaJesus family have been trending for months  now, ever since Edgar Obare exposed Kabi WaJesus for being a deadbeat dad. Kenyans pray for all parties involved in the issue, including Milly WaJesus and Abby's mother, to reconcile someday.

6. Flaqo 411

Flaqo Raz's comedy YouTube channel is always on fire. The internet sensation has gained more than 29 million views in less than two years since he ventured into comedy. Mama Otis, Baba Otis, Akoth, and more characters he plays put a smile on Kenyans' faces during the 2020 COVID 19 lockdown season. Did you know that Flaqo has powerful singing vocals? The comedian has released several songs in collaboration with Kenya's most loved upcoming musicians. 

7. Crazy Kennar

You will laugh so hard when watching the Tales of the crazy Kennar comedy videos. The Crazy Kennar crew takes up multiple characters and brings out the best in each one of them. Kennar can be a traditional and strict elderly woman, a bad boy/player, the most confused member of an SDA church choir. The crew's latest collaborations with Awinja, a Citizen TV's Papa Shirandula comedy show's actress, went viral.

What is better than grabbing your seat to watch videos from the top 5 YouTube Channels in Kenya during your leisure time? You will never miss something captivating to marvel at, from trending Kenyan gossip to educative topics. Have fun while these vloggers are still doing the videos. You never know when someone will decide to quit YouTube.