WhatsApp Secret Feature to Share Photos and Videos in The Best Quality

At this point I'm sure most of us already understand that WhatsApp is not the ideal place to share photos or videos with each other. Because, by default all photos and videos that we send through WhatsApp will undergo a compression process to minimize the amount of data used. As a result, the photos and videos will look worse than the original files from the source.

WhatsApp Secret Feature to Share Photos and Videos in The Best Quality

I say by default because there is actually some kind of trick that can be used to send photos and videos in their original quality, namely by sending photos and videos as documents rather than as gallery content. If you just share one or two photos/videos, this trick is easy for us to do.

But if the number of photos/videos to be shared is quite a lot, this trick will feel troublesome, because the process must be repeated for each photo/video. The good news is, in the future, we will no longer need this old trick to share photos and videos with each other via WhatsApp in better quality.

Based on the findings of the WABetaInfo website, WhatsApp is preparing a feature so that users can choose the quality of the photos/videos to be sent. This feature can be found in the settings menu, and users can choose one of three options available: "Auto", "Best Quality", "Data saver".

It is not clear whether "Best quality" means that photos/videos will be sent in their original quality without undergoing any compression, or with a minimal level of compression as Google Photos does (to keep the file size from being too large). Regarding the "Auto" option, it is mentioned that WhatsApp will choose its own compression algorithm that is best for each photo or video.

Unfortunately, no one knows for sure when this feature will be officially released. For now, the feature is only available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android. So far there is also no info on the availability of its features for the iOS version of WhatsApp. Hopefully, it can be immediately available on both platforms when it has been officially launched later.

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