WhatsApp Tips: Six Basic Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp Business

We can personally see that WhatsApp is not only limited to messaging applications. However, it also serves as a medium for sales and purchase purposes. To make it easier for many parties, especially customers, to talk about business, WhatsApp Business was introduced around 2018. A significant difference between WhatsApp Business and the standard version is that the app itself – where it uses the "B" logo to replace the existing logo.

WhatsApp Tips: Six Basic Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp Business

It is offered for free to all business owners and can be used on Android or iPhone devices. It's actually not only convenient for customers. In fact, it can help traders to interact better with customers. Experience what's like using WhatsApp Messenger – where automation functions on messaging systems allow quick answers to frequently asked questions and message delivery to customers when merchants are busy.

Through it, too, the traders will have a special profile that confirms they are a business. Later, they can also update their business addresses, emails, phone numbers, and other relevant information. However, before exploring the app, you should first understand some of its basic features through this article.

How to Download WhatsApp Business App

Before we go any further, it's best if we talk about the most basic things first. As we explained above, the WhatsApp Business app is available for free. It can be downloaded on your smartphone through the Google Play Store and App Store. The way to register is also very easy. Follow the steps that have been shared below : 

Download the WhatsApp Business app from the App Store & Google PlayStore.
Verify your business phone number.
Transfer any items from the backup (if necessary).
Set your business name.
Sign up for a profile >> Click Settings >> Your Business Name.

However, before you proceed with the download process, please note the following. First, if you already have a WhatsApp Messenger account, details about account information can be easily transferred to WhatsApp Business. Second, chat history, however, can't be moved back to WhatsApp Messenger. Finally, you can still use the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Messenger simultaneously as long as both are synced to different phone numbers.

Basic Features of WhatsApp Business App

Business Profile

The benefits of the WhatsApp Business app make everything simple. It allows traders to add a variety of information about business details – including name, address, category, email, etc. Through it, customers will be able to see and know all the business-related information more easily. However, in the event of changes to any available details. You can also still edit it with a few simple steps as below:

Open the WhatsApp Business app >> Click on the "MORE" button >> Business tools >> Business Profile.
Then, click the edit button.
Click on any of the parts to continue updating >> then click the "SAVE" button

Quick Reply 
Quick Reply or quick replies are features that can help save merchants time. Through it, it allows traders to make replies to messages received instantly.

It also allows traders to create, store and reuse frequently sent messages to answer frequently asked questions in no time. Therefore, trading will now be more orderly, and traders will also no longer have to waste time typing the same message repeatedly.

Automatic Messages
In addition to quick replies, the WhatsApp Business app also has the ability to auto-message features. It's especially useful for merchants who want to get closer to shoppers in any situation – including when on vacation.

Through it, merchants can send messages to buyers automatically – even in the off-hours of the business as they should. It not only informs users about the status of their questions. In fact, they can also be aware of accessibility during periods outside of business hours.

Label Chat
Traders can create labels with different colors. Then, it can be added to the desired contacts according to their respective needs. It doesn't matter, whether it's a single contact or in a group. It is understood that traders can create up to 20 different labels through it.

Greeting / Greeting Message
Through it, traders will be able to communicate better with buyers. The specified greeting message will be sent automatically to the recipient. Understandably, this message can be set for various types of situations according to the needs of the trader himself.

Catalog Features
This feature allows sellers to share goods sold more orderly. This catalog will be displayed on the business profile. Each of them will have a title and some other information – including pricing, info, website links, and code for the product.

Understandably, merchants can upload up to 500 products on this catalog. It's actually not only convenient for merchants, but even shoppers can easily select the desired product and send a message directly to ask related questions.

Add to Cart / Basket purchase.
With this feature, the buying and selling process will now be more organized, and traders can also connect better with buyers. This is because it is able to help shoppers to shop more effectively. To access, it can be used directly from the catalog. Then, the buyer can choose the desired product. Next, orders can be made in one message only to the merchant.

In conclusion here, WhatsApp Business allows businesses to interact with customers more easily and professionally. Not only that, but it also makes the communication experience feel better through several features – such as automated messages, greeting messages, and so on. Then, each of the registered businesses also comes with a valid profile.

This will actually make it easier for users to differentiate it from regular user accounts. Hence, the use of the WhatsApp Business application can be said to open wider opportunities for entrepreneurs to market their products. Well, don't forget to look forward to our next partnership that will again touch on topics related to privacy issues.