Airtel Money Paybill and Wallet to Bank Charges 2024

Find out how Airtel Money Kenya's new charges make mobile money more accessible and affordable

Nov 3, 2023 - 14:32
Nov 3, 2023 - 15:09
Airtel Money Paybill and Wallet to Bank Charges 2024
Airtel Money Paybill and Wallet to Bank Charge 2024

To revolutionize the mobile money landscape and enhance affordability for Kenyan customers, Airtel Money Kenya has unveiled a series of groundbreaking changes. The reduction in Paybill, bulk payment, and wallet-to-bank charges is set to make Airtel Money a more cost-effective and competitive option in mobile money services. This move comes shortly after Airtel Money had raised withdrawal and transfer charges for transactions across different networks, signaling a strategic shift towards affordability and customer-centricity.

Let's delve deeper into these transformative changes and understand how they impact the Kenyan mobile money market.

Affordability for All

Airtel Money's decision to reduce its Paybill and wallet to bank charges is a game-changer for Kenyans, especially in the current economic climate. As we explore these changes, it's evident that Airtel Money is determined to disrupt the market and provide cost-effective solutions to its customers.

New Paybill and Wallet-to-Bank Charges

The revised charges are structured to accommodate a wide range of transactions, ensuring that customers from all walks of life can benefit from the cost savings offered by Airtel Money. Here's a breakdown of the new charges based on different tariff bands and transaction limits:

Tariff Bands and limits in KES New Paybill and Wallet to Bank Charges in KES
10 49
50 100
101 500
501 1000
1,001 1,500 12 
1,501 2,500 13 
2,501 3,500 20 
3,501 5,000 20 
5,001 7,500 33 
7,501 10,000 37 
10,001 15,000 57 
15,001 20,000 62 
20,001 25,000 67 
25,001 30,000 72 
30,001 35,000 95 
35,001 40,000 99 
40,001 45,000 103 
45,001 50,000 105 
50,001 70,000 105 
70,001 150,000 105 
150,001 250,000 105

These revised charges offer substantial savings, especially for those making frequent or high-value transactions. Airtel Money's commitment to affordability is crystal clear in these updated rates, positioning the service as a viable alternative to the dominant M-pesa platform.

Customer-Centric Approach

Airtel Money's journey towards more affordable mobile money services is rooted in its dedication to supporting its customers amidst the challenges of today's economic landscape. The company's Managing Director for Kenya, Anne Kinuthia-Otieno, emphasized this commitment, saying, "This move reaffirms our continuous commitment in supporting our customers, especially with the prevailing economic challenges. Airtel Money will continue providing flexible and personalized solutions while delivering exceptional services and value for their money."

These words reflect the company's dedication to providing value beyond cost savings. Airtel Money aims to offer a seamless and personalized mobile money experience, ensuring that customers get the most out of their transactions.

Zero Charges on Utility Bills

Airtel Money customers will not only benefit from reduced Paybill charges but also enjoy zero charges on utility bill payments, including electricity. This is a significant advantage, as it simplifies managing everyday expenses through the Airtel Money platform.

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Airtel Money's decision to lower its Paybill, bulk payment, and wallet-to-bank charges is a transformative step towards affordability and customer-centricity in the mobile money industry. With these revised rates, Airtel Money has positioned itself as a more cost-effective alternative to its competitors, especially the dominant M-Pesa platform. As Airtel Money continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its customers, it's clear that Kenyans can look forward to even more innovative and affordable solutions in the future. 

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